Unnecessary Death)0(

Published February 14, 2018 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all.

So I have been pondering how to address the killing of a husband and wife voodoo shop owners. They were killed due to a spell not working the way they wanted. I feel that we all should be more couscous on with who we do spell work for.

To lose your life trying to help someone else is deplorable. I mean doctors don’t always hit a diagnosis on the nose. maybe the spell needed to be tweaked. It just bothers me to the core that they lost their lives for an unsatisfied customer.

sweet blessings to you all.


Following guidance given

Published January 24, 2018 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all

Today’s topic is guidance. I’ve been receiving guidance and yesterday was no difference. I talking to a friend I used to work with and I had a feeling she knew more than what she was leading me to believe, so I kept my mouth shut. Also I made an appointment for my son and I pulled a card with out looking at it and I made the appointment with the doctor who’s card I pulled.

Now I have this odd feeling that if I stay out of work to long something is going to go on that is going to work against me. It not insecurity but a nagging feeling. I’m gonna listen to it.

Sweet blessing to you all.

Health and wealth Tarot reading

Published January 22, 2018 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all

The cards that I was guided to pull today is toughing on health and wealth. It is showing that it is time to be healthy in body and spirit. And the guides know it will be hard but focusing on the bronze color will aide you on your path. Also money is involved. Once the body is right the finances will become right. Your breaking a bond. Not so much a cycle. This is like being wrapped up in negativity to not succeed. The time is now to break through. Meditate and the answer will be revealed to you.

Sweet blessing to you all.

Tarot message of love

Published January 20, 2018 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all

Today’s tarot reading is about love. It seems that someone is in questioning whether to stay or leave a relationship . Now it is up to your partner to come up with something to keep the romance going. The cards lean to being creative. Something unconventional would be best.

I hope this helps who it was meant for.

Sweet blessing to you all

Twin flams mentally connected in dream

Published January 19, 2018 by Fia Naturie


So Hubby had a dream that our oldest was very sick and he went to him to try to help but he couldn’t.

That same night I had a dream that something was wrong with our oldest and my hubby felt helpless. He could not do any thing to help him.

Now we normally do not have a dream that connected but we have been linking up quite often. I hope you and your twin flame burns bright and high

Sweet Blessings


A message to relax in tarot

Published January 19, 2018 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all

Today’s tarot reading is about being nervous about new a situation that is before you. You are feeling as if things are not in your control and it’s not. You are being guided to something and your mind is pushing negative thoughts in the way. Or outside force is putting it in a bad light.

Imagine being protected by a soft white light. It will not let negativity in and it’s pushing negativity out of your thoughts for you to see what it is that your being led to.

These are General readings. It will resonate to those of you who needed to hear it.

Sweet blessing

Today’s tarot is on communicationĀ 

Published January 18, 2018 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all 

The whole reading indicates that you have something to say. No more holding back. At the same time you need to compose your words to get what you what across with no miss understanding. The color cyan will assist you in this.

I hope this reading helps you all today. 

Sweet blessing.