MY Dream

Published September 20, 2017 by Enchantress Coco

Blessings to you all.

So it’s been awhile since I have written about dreams. But this particular one I need to share because all of it can true within the seven day period.

I dreamt that my coworker and I went out to eat. on her plate was a three inch dog on her plate shivering. I asked her if she was going to eat the dog and why would she order that? Then it shift to me being on a table having a procedure. It was being done very barbarically. I was trying not to have a child and the person used a twisted hanger. then it shifted to me being on a bus. A young woman comes on the bus breaks a pipe that lead to the air conditioning and pulled out a fish surrounded by a bubble of water.

When I went to work I told my coworker her part of the dream she laughed and said that her friend was made to get rid of her dog by housing. The dog was named after her. Today I just found out that my friend is having twins. So that’s the shriving dog and fish in the bubble. Not even five minutes ago, it is now 1:45pm, my friend asked is it normal for the emergency room to send a child home after they tell the mother the lungs is under develop? The child is also a preemie. I told her no, preemie’s especially. They have to be sent to the NICU and given oxygen. Also observed.

Well the baby passed away. That is the third part of my dream.

So here is my question, how long does it take for your dreams to present themselves, if at all? Just curious.

I wish you all sweet blessings.


Knock, knock,knocking Update

Published September 18, 2017 by Enchantress Coco


So I had to bless the object that entered my home to stop the knocking. I find it funny how things seem to hold the past feeling of the previous owner. I just think it may have been a child playing.

I did not feel any negativity coming from it and I pretty sure if there were the objects in my home would let me know. They tend to move. Example I have a plate that has two koi fish in a pond on it. The last time something negative happened in my home the plate would not stay right side up. It would always be upside down.

Since that has not occurred than I feel confident that every thing is right as rain in my home for now. At least with the spirit would.

I wish you sweet blessing for now.

Knock, knock,knocking

Published August 5, 2017 by Enchantress Coco

Blessings to you all,

So I have recently acquired a dresser from a friend. Normally I have no problems with it but last night at precisely 3am I heard knocking coming from the box it is being kept in. Normally I wouldn’t care because it was 3 in the morning after all.

But the fact that hubby felt as if I was holding his hand and then felt a burning as if he was scratched had me a bit leery. So of course I am going to bless and cast out what ever the heck is attached to that box.

I lit a candle last night due to the fact of the horrible dream hubby had of my death and the despire he felt in that knowledge I was gone.

There is a weird vibe going on that has to be taken care of. I will keep you all posted on the events taking place.


Paternal magic

Published August 2, 2017 by Enchantress Coco

Blessings to you all

So today’s topic is how strong is paternal vibration or awareness? Yes I said paternal.

I believe they are just as tuned in to their children as mother’s once that bond is established.

For example my hubby was talking to his friend about car crashes, for some reason he felt he needed to tell our 24 year old son to be careful on the road.

The next day a my hubby was feeling anxious and could not figure out why. So this 71 year old woman looking the opposite way turned right and crashed her car into his my son’s car. He’s alright but they had to cut her out of her car.

So you see paternal bond is magical in my eye’s.


Mistakes and Phony people emotional rant )0(

Published May 10, 2017 by Enchantress Coco


I have no real topic to focus on today. I should wait to write when I am in a better frame of mind. But I thought that I wanted to give an opinion on a reaction I received that was not right.

A coworker made a mistake and put something in the trash that was not supposed to be there. I seen it and I took it out and told her what she had done. She immediately denied she did that and that I must be crazy. REALLY?

I just saved your ass and I must be crazy. Now Like I said I am not in a good frame of mind and it pissed me off. I walked away with out saying another word. Now if I would tell this to my husband he would have said “There you go to the rescue again. You should have left it and made her learn a lesson.”

I feel that if your working there is no reason why we can not have a good time while we stay on top of things to make sure things go well. and if we are supposed to be a team, if I find something that will keep you out of trouble you should be thankful and not defensive.

Another thing I hate phony people or people who obviously are shady. I understand putting your game face on when you have to but when you turn it on and act as if you have no common sense. That irks me beyond belief.

I lit a blue candle last night to ask for some peace and solitude today, because I was not feeling right. The full moon is not on my side this time and I just feel heavy, weighed down by life. Normally I have a wall around me to block out other’s vibes. But when I feel ill it is very hard to keep it up.

I know this will pass but I need to vent a little. So it can be set free off me.

Have a blessed day.

How sacred is the wish of the Dead?)0(

Published May 9, 2017 by Enchantress Coco

Blessing to you all.

It’s been a while since I have conversed with you all. I am sorry about that. My father had passed away and we had the memorial service a couple of weeks ago.

My topic is the “How sacred is the wishes of the deceased?”

My father was born in the islands and he moved here in his thirties with my mother. As he had gotten older he would always say that he did not want to be put in the ground. So my sister and I agreed upon cremation.  But during this time my mother kept twisting things around to what she felt was best. (My mother and father have been divorced for years)

My father was not a religious man like the way my mother is now. He believed in god that I do know, but I had found things that stirs me to think that he believed in other things as well. Like in the magical sense. So it does not surprise me that my sister and I have followed a different path.

I believe full heartedly that we had followed his wishes and at the same time we did allow my mother to do her church thing later. I of course left and my sister did as well.

I believe that what a person wishes to be done with their body after death is sacred and should be followed even if it’s against another person faith.

Do you agree or disagree? flame-hand-recrop-640x353

A Mother’s tie. )0(

Published March 20, 2017 by Enchantress Coco

Blessings to you all

I wanted to share a recent event in my life and how the metaphysical world was involved.

I was feeling ill this past Thursday. It was so bad that my oldest asked if I was ok because I looked so pale. I suffer from anemia and when it come to that time of the month it’s even worse. I was so drained and in some pain that I really wanted my mother.

Now I am in my 40’s and I did not call out to her. I just kept saying in my mind that I really want my mother. The next day I ended up in the emergency room from loss of blood. But they thought it was not to the point that I need a blood transfusion.

My husband was with me and he felt very antsy. He picks up on everyone’s vibes and it effects him badly. Any how as I was there going through my stuff, My mother was busy with her own things.

She called me on Sunday and told me that she heard me calling for her in her sleep on Thursday. At first she dismissed it. Then she heard me again on Friday. She said she said a pray that she did not hear it a third night because that is usually a sign that someone was deathly ill and won’t make it.

Rest assured that I did not call out a third time.

The link between mother and child does not sever unless you mentally sever it. The Goddess is bonded to us like this as well we just have to believe and call out to her.

Just thought this was a good story to share. Blessings