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End of 365

Published January 1, 2023 by Fia Naturie

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Blessings to you all.

I thought it would have been easy to keep this journal, but I found that it wasn’t. Life really had a way of interfering with witting things out.

So I will fill you in a bit. After accepting a position at an office that I should not have. I realized that I was losing my connection to spirt.

I felt angry and depressed. Everywhere I turned I felt that I was being held down. I wanted to fly, and my wings were cut. So, I came to the decision that I had to do whatever I must to get out of this.

You may wonder why I didn’t spell it to be better. The problem is that the beings at the office had a very strong will. A will that past down to one person to another, like a dark thought. As I sit here and write this it is amazing that I lasted as long as I did.

I had a mini break down and that was one of the straws that kept hitting the camel’s back. Being talked down to as if I was a child instead of an adult. Things that were kept from me that had to do with me. Then there was the jealousy. I see it and feel it from my higher up.

My aura embraces all. I get along with so many different people and yet all I wanted to do was bite my leg off to get free.

So, the thought came to me, and I went with it. It was at the time, the thought was a lie but it was coming into reality, I had put an intention out in the air, and it is coming true.

As of the new year, I will be in a new home with a new job. Space enough that I can worship the God and Goddess as I please.

During the path I was on I learned that the gods did not forsake me. I was telling people what I knew about things that are happening and it came to light about a week later. I do not see the future. So, get that out of your heads but I feel things and know it to be true.

This calendar year there will be a monumental shift with me. I will lose friends unintentionally and I will rise in recognition due to hard work behind closed doors.

With that being said I will post sporadically like now and take you along.

Blessed be

365 Days on 315th Day

Published October 27, 2022 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all. It has been a while and I did try to tell you what was going on with me a while back but for some reason it was not the time.

We are getting close to the end, and I have to tell you this journey was rough. I went through a slight depression that I managed to get out of on my own. It was triggered by being around people who were out for themselves, and I let them use me.

Within this time, I had to lie to get out of a situation that was very bad for my mental health. I was around people whose agenda was not aligned with my own. I learned a lesson. Do not believe what everyone tells you.

I trusted a person who said I would need to be more knowledge of certain things to move up. So, I need to be in a busier office. Well, I should have listened to my mother, my close friends and the hints that other managers were giving to let me know that I was making the wrong move.

But I ignored it and at this time I neglected my spiritual practice so that should have been a sign as well. During this time, I had heard a male voice while I was going to sleep. I was in that in-between phase. It said, “I’m here”. It startled me but sitting and thinking on this. If I didn’t hear that voice, I may not have had the courage to reverse the damage I had caused to myself.

I applied to a school to be able to move up and now that I see who that group is I don’t want it. The majority of them are toxic. No that is not me and I do not want to change to be one of them.

I tried to offer my services to other sites, yet my boss would not let me go. I got a certificate to teach and yet I was still locked in her chains.

So, I lied and informed them of my leaving. Do I feel guilty? Nope. I do not condone lying but I do not feel the shame I would normally feel in the past when I did. So, I am taking it as a sign that I am being help out of this situation.

Once I set this in motion oh my goddess the weight was being lifted off me. I managed to get my old job back. I managed to set some boundaries on my availability to them. I have taken time off to get my mind and soul right.

I have been burning seven-day candles to help them find my replacement. Oh, that is a story. I put on one of the candles to find the perfect replacement and No lie the perfect part was black, and the replacement part was clear. So, they will get a replacement, but it will not be perfect, but it will be good for them.

I just lit a red candle last night to speed up the process because I have withdrawn from this site. There are people I will miss but I will see them at function. That is good enough.

I went to visit the office I used to work out of and when I say there is only a handful of people that I recognize, that is the truth. I used to consider it home. Now it’s just another office.

This is where I want to return to the lie. I went to say hi to someone in this old office. Why did she reiterate my lie back to me? How many hire ups know about this lie? Did I go too far with it?

Still, I feel calm, and I say no. It has taken me a year and eleven months to realize that what I wanted then was not in my best interest. Yet the God and Goddess allowed me to make this mistake.

This experience will help mold me even further in the path that is chosen for me. I know this is a ramble but allot of time passed by and I wanted you to know what has been going on. My next post will interest you. So, stay tuned.

I wish you all the best blessing.

365 Days 206 How the Moon affected my Earth Magic

Published July 22, 2022 by Fia Naturie
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Blessing to you all. I do not know where everyone lives but where I am located it is a heat wave. I’m not liking the heat at this moment. Remember I am an earth sign. I tend to absorb the heat, the cold, and moisture. Let’s not talk about the wind. Being pushed around buy and invisible force is not fun.

Let’s catch up shall we. As they say all good intentions tend to die at the waist side when unforeseen elements are introduced.

Lets start at the last full moon on 7/13/2022. Blood moon that caused so much havoc on my emotions that I literally had an emotional break down. It started off with a twinge of annoyance. I pushed it aside dismissing it as being fatigue. The next time it turned into rage. That took a longer time to calm down from.

I know what I wrote previously is vague so let me elaborate. on the 11th I over heard someone that is supposed to be my boss talk about me to another. It was not nice. It was to show she had me under control. Then the next day 12th. I was approached and question as if I was doing something wrong by my bosses assistant. Why you may ask? Well I accepted to help another group of coworkers because they were down staff. She was annoyed because she was not asked first.

On the 13th I had finally had enough. There was no amount of meditation that would have calmed me. I vented all my frustration out to a friend (who happened to be a higher up) and was told to calm down. There are things in the works for me.

So essentially I still have to pay dues before I can see the rewards. I was so enraged by the gall that my two managers that I wanted to quit on the spot. I am pretty sure people have talked about me before. But to hear it is another story. It took me a week before I could calm my self and see these two women for who they really are. Incompetent’s!

(They have no structure on how to run a staff. Their communication with each other is non existent unless it’s about shopping or vacation. How do you not know when a person is out on vacation? Schedules are always a mess and the bipolar personality with the both of them is real.)

All of this happened at the time of the blood moon. As an earth sign you would think I would not be affected. But as I expressed on the top of this blog. We are affected by all the elements. What is seen and what is unseen.

I hope you all stay cool and have everything that is meant for you. Blessings

365 Day 140

Published May 21, 2022 by Fia Naturie
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Blessings to you all.

Let me tell you there has been a lot of events happening on this journey. I am truly sorry that I have not been able to document as it happens.

Let me start with. I have been having unconsciously picking up on conversations that have yet to happen. For example. I could be talking to you and I bring up that it is a shame that we do not see more green vegetables being grown in the lush out skirts of Ireland. Then not even a day or two later I would hear on the news or a passing conversation that something has occurred in Ireland about the vegetation which is caused by the soil.

I will leave that train of thought alone.

Then I would hear my name being called and no one is there. It is not my imagination and it is clearly!

I have been in meditative trance writing and what I write have been occurring with in the day or two.

I know there is a change coming over me and honestly I am allowing it to guide me to where I need to be.

That is the update so far. Blessings to you. XOXO

365 Day 130

Published May 12, 2022 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all. How have you been fairing in these trying times?

As for me, it has been nonstop with extended relative drama that is trying it’s best to fall into my life. Do I accept this no, and have I eliminated the thoughts of them in my life? Yes. Have toxic slug cling to you while drain the light/energy from you.

Since I have been on my earth journey. I will say that some surprising events have occurred. The transfer to a new facility has been challenging but has opened my eyes as to what the administrative side of the world has to deal with.

This position is stress filled and cutthroat. I am not saying that other positions are not the same. It is just I have never been a part of it since I am the one who is usually in the back physically taking care of the people.

I have to admit that I haven’t been able to meditate the way I used to, but I try my best to get somewhere peaceful before I start my day.

I received three compliments today. One from a stranger. An older woman who appreciated that I did not rush her through the registration process and took time to explain things to her. the second is a coworker who out of nowhere told me I am a genuinely kind person. That I show no pretense. Finally, my boss told me that she is impressed on how I am handling a project they assigned me with very little help.

All of this boost my inner being. I honestly feel depleted at the end of the day, but I needed to hear those things,

I am in the process of creating a business that will keep you calm during a difficult time. It came to me, and I know it is part of my calling.

Until next time. I wish you light and peace.

365 Days 9

Published January 11, 2022 by Fia Naturie
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Blessing to you all.

You ever woke up from a dream and just laid there feeling like the day is going to reveal something you really do not want to know?

Well, that is this day. I was told about a situation that I have to be involve in as the checker. I wonder if I cast a spell will the person in question open their eyes and see what they are doing is not only affecting them but everyone else. I will really need to think on what I would need to do this.

One very good and eye-opening element is pepper. The smell tends to make you alert and I want this person to wake up.

365 Days 7th

Published January 9, 2022 by Fia Naturie
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Blessings. Today was in one word eye opening. So, as I told you all before if you ask the Gods for something be specific. Well, I am getting to run an office as an assistant, but I cannot use the title if I go for a job outside the company.

Why may you ask? Well, if I did not get the title in writing from human resources then if the new job does a background check it would look like I was lying. Great. So, there is that.

I was also informed that they cannot fully staff the site because a couple of people fell ill.

Tonight, I am requesting clarity and guidance on how to proceed forward. I will petition a messenger on my behalf. I need magical guidance.

365 Days 6th

Published January 7, 2022 by Fia Naturie
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Blessings, please forgive the lateness in my posting. Today was very eventful. First waking up and doing my gratitude’s. Then relaxed the morning away. I went to my mother’s since she made an herbal drink that I love, and she made a gallon of it. So, I am set for a couple of months.

I went to print out some financial papers for my job, so I stopped by my job and when I tell you I truly miss these people it is not a lie. They became a part of my family so easily that It’s weird that I never really noticed when it happened.

It’s like having sisters, brothers’ cousins all wrapped up in one place. All looking out for one another and pushing them to do more and be more. There are hidden crystals all over the office. Humidifier with herbal scents going, all in the hopes of promoting peace and grounding in this hectic time.

Went home and I felt happy. I mean really happy.

365 Days 5th

Published January 5, 2022 by Fia Naturie
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Blessing, I woke up feeling better. My back was not on fire, and I was able to walk my dog and get so fresh air.

One of the five bonsai is blooming lovely. Watering them with moon water. I want them to get the nourishment of the moon. At this moment I am feeling very grounded in my surrounding. My mind keeps going to the grass in front of my cousin’s house when it was just cut. At that time, I ran bare foot all over the place and I loved the feel of the cool soil and the cut grass after it had been watered. Funny I cannot take it when it’s not watered the smell is so over whelming.

today I finished an assignment that should have been done last week. Will finish another one today. I did a quick check in with the staff since I am off for the rest of the week, and it has finally sunk in that I am being groomed to have a higher position.

I have put out to the universe I wanted to be in everyone mind or radar for a promotion and the universe is hearing what I truly want. Monday I will have items in place to protect me. I will show you this weekend.

Wish you all magick

365 Days 4th

Published January 5, 2022 by Fia Naturie
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Blessings, I had to get up take a deep breath and pray. This is my first day of being in charge of a group of people. Am I doubting my capability to lead? no. It’s just nerves. II was informed that the hire up is going to pop in and see how the site is going and I feel nervous beyond words. I have faith that the gods are looking over me.

The day was pure stress. I thought I would have been there earlier than everyone so I can find my center. Not possible. I hit the ground running. I had my phone and computer running nonstop. I had to deal with someone who wanted to go through things so quickly that they could not remember what I showed them in the beginning.

Nevertheless, I made it through the day, tired, stressed and a little achy. Need my back realigned. All this and I regret nothing. Looking forward to the challenge.

I almost forgotten I pulled three cards out for the day.

The wheel of fortune

The three of wands

Knight of wands in reverse

What I take on my reading is what I have can be taken. Look and observe before speaking or doing. Finally, once the wheel is set in motion it will not stop so I will go through challenges. So, I better get ready.