End of 365

Published January 1, 2023 by Fia Naturie

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Blessings to you all.

I thought it would have been easy to keep this journal, but I found that it wasn’t. Life really had a way of interfering with witting things out.

So I will fill you in a bit. After accepting a position at an office that I should not have. I realized that I was losing my connection to spirt.

I felt angry and depressed. Everywhere I turned I felt that I was being held down. I wanted to fly, and my wings were cut. So, I came to the decision that I had to do whatever I must to get out of this.

You may wonder why I didn’t spell it to be better. The problem is that the beings at the office had a very strong will. A will that past down to one person to another, like a dark thought. As I sit here and write this it is amazing that I lasted as long as I did.

I had a mini break down and that was one of the straws that kept hitting the camel’s back. Being talked down to as if I was a child instead of an adult. Things that were kept from me that had to do with me. Then there was the jealousy. I see it and feel it from my higher up.

My aura embraces all. I get along with so many different people and yet all I wanted to do was bite my leg off to get free.

So, the thought came to me, and I went with it. It was at the time, the thought was a lie but it was coming into reality, I had put an intention out in the air, and it is coming true.

As of the new year, I will be in a new home with a new job. Space enough that I can worship the God and Goddess as I please.

During the path I was on I learned that the gods did not forsake me. I was telling people what I knew about things that are happening and it came to light about a week later. I do not see the future. So, get that out of your heads but I feel things and know it to be true.

This calendar year there will be a monumental shift with me. I will lose friends unintentionally and I will rise in recognition due to hard work behind closed doors.

With that being said I will post sporadically like now and take you along.

Blessed be


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