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Cauldron Speaks about Looping

Published September 24, 2021 by Fia Naturie
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Welcome back to the Cauldron Speaks. Todays topic is looping. You may be asking yourself what in the world is she talking about?

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Looping is exactly what it sounds like. When you tend to repeat an event in your lifetime, not past life. This can be the repeat of a situation with different lovers that seems to cause conflict. Or finances, they call it self sabotage but I feel for most people they do not see that they are about to repeat a disastrous situation that put them in a bind in the first place.

Like I said previously I will relate the topic to what happens to me in my everyday life.

About 15 years ago I left a job that I was very good at due to the treatment I was receiving there. Actually, what I allowed to happen there. I was hired for a certain department and in the interview process they mention I would need to learn all departments just incase of coverage being needed.

I worked there for seven years I felt it was time for managerial advancement and I was given the run around. I trained majority of the staff and some hire ups on what was needed on their position. I was given the wrong date to take an exam to move up and I was constantly being sent around different departments for coverage.

Well one day I said this is it. I put my hand on the front door handle and before I step my foot in the door my name was announced on the Public Address System. That particular day I covered four different departments and I found out I missed another test to move up.

The next day I sent my resume out and quit my position within two weeks. Fast forward fifteen years. I have tried to move up in management and was told I need more experience with insurances.

Of course being the intuitive that I am and how people feel comfortable around me to tell me things. I found out that I did not need that to move ahead. that I could be taught that as I go. Does this not sound Familiar?

I tried three times to move up and now I am told I need a bachelor’s degree which I am currently working on. Again finding out that the other people who moved up have not completed there bachelor’s but was offered the position.

I have been floated multiple different places and I am on the verge of a physical break down. Can I say no? I have tried and been guilted and begged to help out. So I cave in and help.

Now should I quit? I am not a quitter, I did that once and I felt horrible. I have decided that I will apply out side of the practice to see if I am offered the higher position with out the bachelor’s degree.

This loop has to end and in that same token I have learned to not wait any longer and accept the made up excuses that is given .

If a business can use you in a certain way and your good at what you do, then they will.

Now I have seen other people stick to their guns and not help out more than necessary and they have been looked over for promotions. Well I know my worth and I see the loop has an opening. I am getting out of it.

Have you been in a loop that you just realize that you have the power to break? Tell me about it. I would love to hear about it.

Until next boil of Cauldon Speaks have a auspicious day.

Cauldron Speaks Losing a Familiar

Published August 27, 2021 by Fia Naturie
Witches Familiars: What is a Familiar Spirit? From Past to Present
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Welcome back to the Cauldron Speaks. todays topic is losing a familiar.

Lets talk about familiars in general. Some say a pet that is not a cat is not a familiar. I would believe this day and age that this perception had been null an void. But we still have those that believe that cats are the only familiars.

My familiar was a beautiful White German Shepard. She was such a beautiful soul. Very playful and melted your heart no mater what she did wrong. When I did my readings her ears would perk up feeling the energy around her. She would turn me to walk her on another path, when she sensed something was odd on the trajectory we were on.

Sadly, she passed on to the spirit realm just recently. Before her passing, I was visited in my sleep by a small white dog with glowing green eyes. It radiated peace and I knew she was going to be safe.

This physical lose is great. I can not see something that does not remind me of her. My youngest child. Her familiar was a rabbit. This rabbit loved her so much . It was amazing how she interacted with her. When she passed on this happened years ago. she told me she seen a rabbit in her dreams and it was playing in the grass.

Familiars will leave a part of them selves with you. That is comforting for me to know. I have had many pets but none were my familiars. None had the attachment as I had on her or her on me. Maybe in the future another will find me. Right now I do not know.

Familiars tend to draw their owners to them. It can be cat, dog, mouse, lizard, rabbit, bat, fish, etc… The list goes on.

Have you lost your familiar? Have you noticed that their presence is still around you? I would love to know of your experience and of your familiar.

Until we light the cauldron again. I wish you blessing on this life journey.

Cauldron Speaks Id vs EGO

Published August 27, 2021 by Fia Naturie
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What is done in the light of day will vibrate down to the night and what is done in the dark will be revealed in the day.

Welcome to the cauldron speaks. This is going to be comprised of topics that happen to us, as a collective in every day life. If you did not already know I am a eclectic witch. I do not subscribe to any one patheon. I will talk on topics that I feel need to be discussed in our belief that we brush under the rug. It be in our family or friends and in society.

Today’s topic will be about the Ego in our path of life. I have been visited by a family member who has informed me he has had an awakening. That he does not see things the same way as he used to. He claimed that he has let go of all things that is considered toxic. He walks away from conflicts. He meditates and spiritually awaken.

As he visited I noticed that he was preaching that he let go of the Ego and he came to see that he feels free.

Friends we are all in different stages of awakening, so if he said this is so for him I will not go against it. But I have been on this path longer. I see things people tend to hide and hear things people tend to sugar coat. Or rather they do not realize what they are saying.

He has not let go of the Ego. In fact he is in a phase that only children should be in and that is the Id!

In psychology the id usually present itself in children, responds directly and immediately to basic urges, needs, and desires. So as I watch this grown man who might I add was lecturing me about signs and angel numbers. I see that as he is driving, a car behind him was honking. As the car passed he stuck up his middle finger at him. That is an impulse that a child would have.

Also the conversation that he would have was centered around himself and his journey. My better half informed him that if he seeing these signs then they were meant for him and not for all of us to know. Yet he brushed it aside and continued.

He needed for our approval about his life awakening. As we all know. There is no need for approval. We Need No Approval.

The Ego is after the id. The ego considers social realities and norms, etiquette and rules in deciding how to behave.

His Ego is still intact and yet his id has not fully gone away either. I do not claim to be a doctor of phycology. Yet in my years of working with people of all ages, I have learned allot. As I am sure a majority of you have.

Have you come across a newly awaken person, that has not yet learned that we as a collective do not need to know every single sign they see? Unless you are their mentor I do not see the need. Do you?

Would love to hear you experiences.

Until next time. I want to welcome you to the Cauldron.

Human Leeches or Energy Vampire’s (Walking My Path Series)

Published July 6, 2021 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all.

Today I want to discuss how we can find peace when a energy vampire or energy leech is sitting so close to you that you feel ill.

Now starting this I have to give you an instance where I have dealt with this issue. I work with all lot of people always around me. I normally find space where I can breath and think. connect with spirit and ground myself. Well how can I do this when Not even three feet away is a person who is sucking the very light out of me.

Mind you he does not know he is doing this. He is completely oblivious to is dastardly deed. Never the less he is making me ill. The first day sitting next to him I felt uneasy. People told me its because I am coming out of the pandemic and gotten used to my space. So I went along with it.

As the days started to go on I noticed I started to feel unenthusiastic. Annoyed that I could not have more room to move or to have privacy.(He would literally look over my shoulder to see what I am doing. Or go over my work and change it to show he was on top of things).

I took it as just adjusting to a new role. But my husband seen the difference in me. I was exhausted. I could not keep my eyes open and I could not even concentrate on my classes. I spoke to my manager and she managed to shift our times around and I swear I can feel the difference. I go to other facilities and work with allot of people and never had that reaction so fast. So I make it a priority to meditate and put my barrier up. If I feel a little too tired or annoyed I step away and find a space for five minutes to meditate and let go.

Also I drink water with added electrolytes.

We have to find peace where we can. If you have a goal and if there is an obstacle put in your way, think why? Is there going to be another person in your life that will be the same as this one? Are you being prepared to handle such a person?

Let me know.

Confirming Spirit Guides (Walking My Path Series)

Published June 27, 2021 by Fia Naturie
Learning the Language of Your Spirit Guides - Gaia Wisdom Mentorship
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Blessings to you all. Sorry that I have not been vigilant on this blog. I hope to change this around with interesting content.

I want to start this off by writing about an incident that just happened to me moments ago. I need to give you a little back story. For the last two years I have not been working from my office. I have been working at home. So I meditate, burn incense, write in my journal and I spray cologne. I felt at peace.

I applied for a new position and now I am back at the office in a different building. Now I have to tell you that I am surrounded by people who are into holistic medicine. Into reiki etc.. So I felt right at home. (there is a person there who is a mental energy vampire and does not even realize it).

I was asked to go to my old job to help out. I of course said yes. The negative vibe that hit me immediately was palatable. I sat there for years drenched in it and managed to survive. My guardians spirits are strong and very vigilant.

I walked into my old office and felt something crawl against my skin. I walked right out.

The moral of this story is if your spirits, gods, goddess have put you on a different path. Keep on it. There is a reason you should not go back. Honestly I have been trying my best to avoid the place but I need the extra income.

I hope you like this first of many stories of confirmation that the spirits are there to guide us. We need to listen.

If you like this please comment and subscribe. I will start documenting my journey into my spiritual path.

High power and Low power days is it really a thing?

Published March 26, 2021 by Fia Naturie

Blessings I feel the need to talk about high power days and low power days.

Is there such a thing or do we just assume we are having a bad day?

Well I am here to tell you it is true. I have a major problem with WEDNESDAY’S!

I discovered a while back that I can not focus, no desire to get out of bed or even want to speak to anyone. The drama on that day is at an all time high for me. Why you ask? Because it is truly my low power day. I feel it the moment I open my eyes till I go to bed that night.

I went through a rough night recently. Everything horrible I can think of about myself I thought of. To the point of realizing the I felt alone in life.

Now if you have been keeping up with me you know I have my twin flame for years so why would I go through that? My soul, spirit needed to purge old feeling and hurt that I never fully healed from. That’s when I gave an opening for negativity to creep in because my inner power was on a 15 instead of a 90. Rarely do I feel invincible.

That brings me to my high power day/days. My best day is Friday. Not because it is the end of the week. I generally wake up and feel as if I can float through the day. I have no need for coffee and I tend to vibrate with happiness that shows in my eyes.

Is that the day I conjure? I do on occasion. But what I find best is to try to work my empathic ability and reach out to see how others are feeling and try to change it. (disclaimer I do not physically touch them due to the leeching of energy that occurs) I push my aura out to see if I can change their mood.

The other days of the week is a fluctuation but if you find that you are at your lowest on a certain day my advise is to separate from others a bit. Unintentionally you will latch on and you tend to bring them down. Stretch your muscles and relax.

What do you do on your High power days and low power days. I would love to hear it. Until next we meet.

Why put a spell of repellant on yourself if you want a relationship?

Published March 16, 2021 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all. Let’s talk about how some of us with out knowing have built a wall against finding our significant other. I will bring to your attention that we put spells of repellant on ourselves when we want to attract.

How you may ask? By surrounding yourself with the color white. Not just a little white but white to the point it would make chalk blush.

White we all know signifies purity. We do not want the other person to know that passion is any where near the pureness of you.

The problem is you want to have a relationship with passion, with lust, lets be blunt with sex. Stark bright white all over your home and wardrobe is not an attractant. It’s a repellant. those who say white is sexy knows that you are using the color to hide what is underneath.

Why hide it? We are naturally physical beings and we gravitate to what will make us Feel. I’m not saying go jump someone out of the blue. What I am saying is put color into the mix. Vibrant color. Draw in what you most desire. You what the bad boy/girl well reds and blacks captures there interest. You want educated and career minded vibrant blue, green and yellow.

You want spiritual purples, pinkish blue, and gold. Not yellow. Gold, there is a difference.

Next I will go into sexual magic and how we must build the intensity.

Tarot Feminine and masculine Reading

Published March 15, 2021 by Fia Naturie

Blessings light and shadow spirits.

Here is the weekly feminine and masculine read.

The Goddesses are saying that going with every thing isn’t the way. You must pull yourself up and over come the barriers that holds you in place. Only then you will recieve respect.

The God’s are saying brute strength is not always the way to concur but by using your words as a sword is the best course of action.

If this resonates with you please let me know and like.

Shadow Tarot Reading 3/14

Published March 15, 2021 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all . this reading is telling me that you need to sit still and listen. You have gotten over a difficult period but you are not taking stock on your self. Something may be a problem and you have pushed it aside for too long.

Like a frog who sits still long enough to find its path to move. you will find the right time to follow your path to take care of your physical and mental health.

It this resonates with you please like and follow. I accept all comments. Until next reading, rest well.