Enchantress Coco

Bio: I live near the sea where it is great in the summer and brutal in the winter. I tell you this because to start off I consider my self a ecclectic witch seems to abrupt. I just recently admitted to myself and a few others that I am a witch and they took it well. I still can not come out to the world because it would affect my youngest chils in a negative way. Life is still cruel. I have been studing and practicing for years. Even when I did not want to admitt what I was I was practicing and not knowing why I was doing what I did. Now I do. I read tarot for myself and candle readings. I openly do dream interpretation and I love it. I have always been told Ithere is something about me that makes people comfortable enough to tell me anything. I've had strangers tell me things that stunned me into silence. I tend not to be a hugger because after I do the person may feel better but I feel drained. I figure that is enough about me. Just want to say hello.

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