Oracle Readings for 4/4/2019

Published April 4, 2019 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all. Today’s reading is of the heart. It was not my intention to do a relationship reading but spirit wanted this out for people today. The pulls are from three different decks. They are Nuemerology, Moonology and Energy Oracle cards.

This reading is for a group of people who is in a relationship right now that is causing them pain. Your patience has run out. You have turned to the higher power for help and you want something to happen now to turn it around. The duality card of ying yang is showing me that role within the relationship had been reversed. Which is causing the problem. Females are taking male roles and Males are taking female roles. Normally we have a balance of the two inside but there is a imbalanced. I had to pull two more cards for clarity


So the problem is MONEY. Either she is making more money and is making him feel as if he can not provide or someone is belittling the other person for not making enough money to pull their weight in the relationship. Now the healer is reversed. You have turned your back on your faith in this relationship. I see it can be healed but your patience is not quite up there to deal with it. The moon is calling for healing. This can be fixed. You do not want this to end but you need healing emotionally and spiritually.

The day adds up to 1. 1 signifies Strong, Honest, Fair which resonates with this reading. For things to change you have to be honest,fair and strong.

I hope this helps clarify what is going on in your lives. I wish you sweet blessings.

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