Empathic Allurement

Published May 11, 2016 by Fia Naturie

maxresdefaultI am definitely a sensitive empath. Since I was a young child. Everyone wanted to go near me and touch me. Not in a harmful way but it was too much for me. I would with draw from everyone for a time, because no one knew that I was experiencing  an overload of their emotion on top of my own. Not a pretty sight.

As I have gotten older, I try not to have too much physical contact with anyone. When I give a person a hug they immediately feel better.I tend to feel light-headed and a little weak. I have had strangers purposely come near me to touch me.

At times I would get anxiety attacks, because of the abundance of emotions that I pick up. (I ride the train with a lot  of people who are not happy)There is always some sort of energy transfer and I get exhausted.

When I am alone I feel so much better. It’s like I release the energy into the air. My neck does not hurt, or my back. My pulse stops racing and my mind relaxes.

I try to meditate at lunch so I can center my self and shield myself from all the negative energy that surrounds me. I shield myself in the morning and in the after noon. I work a hectic job and I encounter many people. Some I can tell who projects negativity and then there is others that I can’t.

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