Older energy vampires, the importance of sheilding.

Published May 11, 2016 by Fia Naturie

enkilstatueBlessings to you all.

Today I want to talk about energy vampires. Those of you in the vampiric community I have nothing against you. I am talking about the older generation who does not know that they are energy vampires.

For example I was working at a front desk at an office. This woman who was about seventy decided that she needed to talk to someone. Well lo and behold she chose me.(That is not unusual. I attract people to unload their problems on me. I’ll explain why in another post)

She went into how ill she was and how alone she was. She literally kept releasing her negative energy and drained me of mine. It was not a fair exchange of energy. She kept taking to the point I was drained and became sick. My boss came out and ask if I was alright and if I ever had the small pox.

My body released the negative energy the only way it could by breaking out into a rash. Not a little one either. Full body rash. The doctor himself said the amount of stress I was under triggered the reaction

This woman did not know what she was doing and at the time I did not know to shield myself.

The importance of shielding your self is unmeasurable. You do not know who would unwillingly suck the energy right out of you.

Wishing you sweet blessings.

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