Twin Flames Numerology and Astrology Compatibility.

Published April 25, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all. Let’s start the day with a fun one. Twin flames with opposite numerological and astrological attitudes on every thing.

So my numerology number is 8 nd hubby is 4.

Being an eight at times I do seem to be a bit cold towards others. That is usually until I get to know you. Then I except you for who you portrayed yourself to be. I tend to believe that what you show me is truly you, nothing hidden.

Hubby being a number Four see right through you. It’s like the fake mask that you thrown over your self can not fool him.

So when I find out you lied I hurt very deeply and tend to never trust you ever agin. As opposed to hubby who would not give you the time of day in the first place.

Now remember I am a number 8 and a Capricorn. So it seem that people under this sign and number need foreplay before going for the gold. But once their God/Goddess help you and your poor body.(haha)

Hubby is a 4 and a leo. No warm up required. O to 60 in no time flat. Which coincides with there sign and creative in bed is something that the nun’s in catholic school did not go over.

Both equally aggressive once on the same wave length and both tend to wear each other out.

(You see the chiropractor bill. Still laughing)

As for arguments hubby is truly a leo. Attack, attack ,attack growl. I being a Capricorn and stubborn will let you continue until you combust or just leave the room.

You never want to get a capricorn truly angry. they will come at you in all directions and hurt you like you’ve never been hurt before without remorse.

So to sum it up Hubby and I are truly twin flames. No one can ever handle us and believe me the trail of hearts left behind proves it.

Hope you have a sweet blessed day.

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