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Past, Present, and Future read for 4/23

Published April 23, 2019 by Fia Naturie


So I have been getting a none stop message to do this type of past, present and future reading for the 4/23 people.

So going ten years back you were seeing good fortune, some sort of harmony in your life. Moving to present day you are feeling constraints, bound up either at home or at work or both. For some reason finances keeps popping up. Unhappy, unsatisfied with the situation your in. Future is devil reversed. Chains are broken. You can breath again. a lesson was taught through the struggles. I asked how long in the future. I see a hand with light behind it. So it is 5. Not sure if it’s days, weeks, months or years. It depends on the lesson.


Energy reading for 4/23/2019

Published April 23, 2019 by Fia Naturie


Blessings to you all. Todays reading is for those who feel as if they have no where to turn. That they are left alone or pushed aside. Finances are tight and you seem to be more in shadow than light.

You are not alone, everyone goes through their own shadow their own way. It’s a journey to a lesson that you must learn.

Energy reading for 4/22/2019

Published April 22, 2019 by Fia Naturie


Blessings this morning this three card energy reading calls for you to use your intuition. You have strength you have not even tapped into focus on the cyan blue for strength in your minds eye. Todays number is 1. Your often considered psychic and empathic.. Use it

oracle reading for 4/20/2019

Published April 22, 2019 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you. This is for those who have tied themselves down in a commitment that has been sucking your money out of your pocket. You need to get advice from someone who is objective. Listen without that wall up and have a open heart.

Number of the day is 8, be driven to get yourself out of this situation.

Silver (color to focus on.)

Published April 18, 2019 by Fia Naturie



Blessings to you all.

Today I pulled a color card to focus on for the day. It’s Silver. Calming of nerves, helps with persistence and enhances awareness.

Those of us who dealing with a lot of stress through out the day. Looking and focusing on the color silver helps. looking deep into the shine and depth of silver can balance you.

If you have a piece of silver jewelry  or aluminum foil. Let the light hit it and focus on it. Regulate you breathing. It will help you through out the day.

Energy reading 4/18/2019

Published April 18, 2019 by Fia Naturie



Blessings to you all.

So I am happy to see that some of you are doing the work to clear the negativity out of your life. If you see I left he deceit card sideways and on top of Happy endings and Angel of strength. It  fell out of the deck that way.

You think you are not victorious in what you are doing because you do not see it right now. But it is working. the energy is working in your favor.

Todays number is 7, problem solved

Candle Interpretation Friday

Published April 12, 2019 by Fia Naturie


Blessing to you all. As you can see with this candle there was major issues going on.

I did this candle for a client who wanted obviously money. Here is the issue. She has a Leo in the house who seems to be blocking all the flow of finance by negativity.

Yes I placed the symbol of the sun above the Leo and yet as the candle burned down it just showed what ever negativity is surrounding him is really stuck there. The first ring above the dollar sign is broken and murky. Meaning it will come but not the amount that is being asked for. she needs it for the house she wants to buy. the house is clear in the upper view. but there are streaking going down. Or Tears running down the glass.

There is heart break for this person because of the murky Leo. The sun could not break through the barrier. The bottom  picture is of the back of it. It reminds me of a dirty window in a haunted house.

How should this be fixed? Now is where you have to do some deeper assessment , cleansing of the persons involved and a tribute to the god or goddess. You can not expect to receive if you do not give.


Until next time. I wish you all sweet blessing and purity of light. If this small information on candle reading helped please give a star and comment all are welcome.