I Am Spiritual

Published April 25, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Let me start this way. I belive in the God/Goddess but at the same time I do believe there is darkness in the world. There can not be light without darkness. I was listening to this man talk about banishing an evil spirit.

He was in the new age movement. He said that his wife became ill. So he read scriptures that banished the evil spirit. He is doing a lot of double talk. He bannished it by reading scriptures from the bible. So now he and his wife are christians.

What you believe is what you believe. He used to say affirmationtions every day. He said those self affirmations about you are invincible etc…

Before I knew these were affirmations I called them pep talks.

He was saying if you say spirits come into my life. Then you are inviting the devil because the devil is in disguise by light.

You know I was raised catholic. There was and still is a lot of things I don’t grasp or want to. An accepting god would accept everyone no matter what. But to hear them talk it’s as if hey are saying if you are not the way God specifically want you to be. Then you’re not accepted.

What about those people who believe in nothing and still have miracles in their lives. I guess I should never had watched that because it really brought me down. I feel he is not a true follower of any thing and will go where the wind blows as long as there is a miracle behind it.

Sweet Blessings

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