Energy Oracle Cards Tarot.

Published May 20, 2016 by Fia Naturie

oracleBlessings to you all.

I hope you are soaking up the rays of the sun. I wanted to share with you that I finally found a tarot deck or it found me, that I am fully connected with. You maybe thinking how many have you tried. I personally have a total of ten.

My witches tarot I still like but I have never felt such a connection before with one.

It is the Energy oracle cards. It has angel’s, chakra’s and emotional connections. immediately I could read some of the cards with out help from the book.

There are other angle decks out there, and I do like them; but I have not been drawn to them.

I was willing to do a couple of readings with this deck as opposed to the other one. So I guess I am giving it two thumbs up.

Sweet blessings to you all.


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