Manifesting(the importance of a clear mind)

Published May 23, 2016 by Fia Naturie

meditationWelcome and blessings too you all.

Let’s talk about manifestation. I think this is an important topic. I want to touch on the mind. We all want things and I know my sister who is wiccan said it is not good to do a spell to acquire things, because it may take away from the person who it was ment for.

I am a ecclectic and solitary witch at the moment. And I believe that we do not take away from another person. I believe that it is waiting for the person to really want it so it will happen for them in life. God/Goddess already has a plan for you, but it is you to tap into it and receive it.

It is not easy to manifest what you want at first. Your mind has to be completely clear of anything else but what you want. I work full-time and when I come home I have to spend time with the kiddies. Give hubby his quality time. So you can tell my mind is always going and it is difficult to quiet it.

What I do is write down everything I have to do and say I will take care of you later. Then I will sit and relax. Focusing on what I want, without interference.

There are other steps you take to prepare for manifesting but the important factor is your mind.

Lets say I want a pet, or car. You look on the internet and you see what you want. Now you hit a road block. The price for the car is out of your reach or the pet that you want is too expensive.

If you truly want this car or this pet you can manifest to get it. The intent has to be behind the spell and the desire for it should be completely in your being. Like when you wanted a certain gift for your birthday.

I hope it helped someone today. I know releasing what is going on in everyday life is hard. But it has its benefits.

One comment on “Manifesting(the importance of a clear mind)

  • Namaste Beloved Angel, well I am single and a Psychic Medium and Healer, so for me I was born with all these traits and all that I desire is to do them full time and that’s all I think about is the spirit world, but yet my website isn’t being bombarded as of yet with consistent clients. Feel free to check out my website and I am sensitive so be blunt. I don’t compare with anyone else but moi.Thanks


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