Candle Spell for College Entrance

Published May 17, 2016 by Fia Naturie

untitledBlessings to you all.

Here is a candle spell for helping your child enter the school they want.

1 white candle or red (preferably red)

1 black marker

Something to poke hole in the wax

Jasmine incense stick

First cleanse and bless the candle. Then poke seven  holes inside the wax. You take the marker and write out the college name, the name who it is for and most importantly add finance to help pay for schooling. Draw the symbol of the God/Goddess.

Light the incense stick and circle around the candle three times to bless it. Bless your area and your self. Make sure it is in the clockwise position. Light the candle and call on the God/Goddess to hear your petition. Make sure you ground your self. Very, very important.

The most effective time is during a full moon, but can be done on other time. Let it burn all the way out. If you see black soot on top you may have to do a cleansing spell on the person.

Then do ritual again until burns clean.

I wish you all sweet blessings

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