Candle Speaks

Published April 10, 2016 by Fia Naturie

candleGreetings today I will briefly talk about my experience with spirit.  When I began to study candles one thing struck  me. A definite Ahh Haa moment.

It said if the candle flickers a lot spirit is with you. Once I began and looked at the candle it danced. But It always had. So that meant that spirit was always with me. That knowledge was very confronting.

I always felt like to fit in was to get approval from everyone, about everything I did. I did not want to feel  alone and left out. So it became a bad addiction for approval.

Going on my journey I have slowly backed away from asking for people’s approval on things I am up to because I don’t feel I need it. It came to me and if I am doing it,and it’s good to me, then I am being lead to do it.

I don’t feel alone and that is the best feeling ever. Bye for now Sweet blessings.

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