Dream Interpretation

Published April 8, 2016 by Fia Naturie


Todays blog is on dream readings. Over the years I have a quiet a few people ask me to interpret their dreams. They are so surprised on how in depth I get into it.  so I am going to share with you a dream that a person told me about this morning. 4/8/16.

The person was in an airport in the afternoon trying to get checked in. The security would not let the person go in.  So the person went to find out why and the airport was on lock down because of terrorist. The person found the terrorist and started to beat on him without any mercy. Then the dream ended.

What I read into this is that the person was at the airport to get away and could not succeed. So the person’s feelings of being restricted turned into anger. But not by what you may think. The person found the terrorist that the airport security could not find. Then proceeded to attack them with no mercy. The word is mercy. The person feels that in their life right now there is no mercy. They are being blocked from moving forward and that causes anger. The hidden feeling is inadequacy to be able to change and fear that no one would accept the change. The terrorist is the representation of the immovable block.

The fact it happened in the afternoon tells me that is when these negative thoughts start to appear. Maybe someone said something so subtle but the subconscious stored it and built on it.

I know that I am right about my reading. I get a feeling that comes over me that confirms it. After interpreting the dream the person did admit that they felt stuck and can’t see no way out.


If you want a reading. Contact me on toffeecream18@gmail.com or send me the dream here and I will try my best to back to you. What I would need if you want the reading is of course the dream, If you can remember what time of day it was, if you remember the time that is helpful too. A major part is your mood in the dream. everything no matter how subtle plays a role in the reading.

I would like to use a dream but as you see above no name is used. With your permission only! Your privacy is very important to me.
(There is the short version of readings that I offer that is free. I also offer a longer version, but I would need for you to use that email and specify that.

You saying it is for money. Not as much as you think. I promise you it is not 19.95.) I wish you sweet blessings and happy dreams.

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