Dream Interpretation 2

Published April 10, 2016 by Fia Naturie

You know. They say there’s a meaning for all your dreams. Well for me I can’t actually put my finger on mine. But i do understand one thing im thankful for it. I started having these dreams 3 months ago. In the first dream I was standing in my front yard , i can remember everything. The sounds the smell the glow of the sun ,it was so vivid. But that changed fast when I saw a huge black dog. I remember the fear washing through me. I didn’t run , i just stood there. So it charged me. It was about 5 feet away when i got knocked sideways. Now in my regular dreams the people i see such as family remembers are kinda like ghost.

Their there i can see them but i cant actually feel their presence. This was different. When they knocked me sideways i practically felt the heat coming off their body. But thing is i don’t remember their face. So the dreams continued. Every time i dream im about to be hurt or something bad is going to happen “THEIR” there. I can never see their face its like a blur. I would give anything to understand what the meaning of these are. Are they real ? Or a stranger of my mind.

First of all I want to say that this is a very deep a profound dream.

In your life you were protected and loved which is shown with the bright light. You were open to new possibilities. That comes through with the wide yard.

Suddenly a large black dog appears. Black encompass all of the colors. Basically people would say it is negative, but I don’t think so in this case. Since black takes in everything it also takes in fear.

The dog is fear manifesting itself and showing you it’s there. You said the ghost were family members who protected you. But now you are afraid of their presence in your life. You tell people about it and they tell you just let it go or it’s just a dream., or ignore it. Spirits are not supposed to make contact.

the heat is not danger. the heat is their love for you, and want you to be safe. It seems that you are a very special person to them and they will always be with you, to protect you.

I got this dream from a sight that is suppose to give people insight on thier meaning. I will not put them down about their interpretation but I know mine is right.

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