The pendulum answered!

Published September 18, 2016 by Fia Naturie


Blessings to you all.

I could not let this day pass by without telling you about my experience with the pendulum.

I just recently lost my wedding band. I took it off like I usually do when I take a shower because it slips. Well I dropped it in my  bedroom and I could not find it for a couple of days.

So I tore through my bedroom to find it. I never found it. I turned to my rose quartz pendulum.

I asked is it in my room it answered yes. I asked is it under my bed. it said no. I asked is it on my husband side of the bed. It said no. I asked is it in my dirty cloths bag. It said yes. I know I looked but it said it was there so I looked again. Low and behold my ring falls out of a wrapped up shirt. I was so excited.

Friday is the harvest moon. It will have a power to it that only the few with feel and know what to do with it. I’ve read that people feel it is a an opening or a doorway for spirits to communicate. Possibly so but it answered me correctly and I am grateful to it.

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