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The Metaphysical Verse

Published February 1, 2017 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all today.

With all the up roar that is going on, I know that all my empathic sister’s and brother’s are going through it.

Just hearing about a child dying and it took two hours before the child died from the wound. Made me well up in tears. I wish no one had to die but that is ridiculous to say. We would be over populated.

There are a couple of things I want to talk about. First noticing how there is a shift in the metaphysical atmosphere. What do I mean?

For example, last year I was very on the fence on keeping my witchy favorite people I watch on You Tube on my page. Only because I have not come out to the world. Yet I could not help to be drawn to the community. So I deleted them off my page.

I set up a whole new page and I went to search them out and they had deleted their page. Right around the same time I deleted mine. Coincidence? No, I don’t believe so. I feel that we become in tune to universal vibrations that we are doing things subconsciously because someone else is doing the same exact things. In other words you become in line with them and do not realize it.

Of course my mouth fell open. Now I set up a enchantress coco page and I want to see people I used follow. They will be back on soon. Coincidence? Not. I’ve also found new people and I just thought to my self,” Where were they a few years ago, and why didn’t I find them before?”

The second thing is being asked questions while your half awake and half asleep. I get talked to a lot when I am in this in between state. Last night I was asked what kind of witch are you?

I said white witch. I believe in crystal healing, white light healing. But I am learning more about the craft every day. Then I woke up.

I want to clear something up. For me saying I am a witch in my dreams is monumental. I get dreams that are definitely messages. But I never was asked that question before and I never declared it. Ever since I announced that I am following the Goddess Brigit allot has been opening up for me.

I know I will be able to fully come out soon. Not that I have too. Witches stayed in hiding for centuries. Only other witches notice and feel who you were. I will see where I am being lead to. What journey is in store for me.

Sweet Blessings to you all.


Internal Silence

Published October 17, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessings everyone

Well this is the first official day of my return to work after a week away from the madness. Something every unusual is happening to me. As I walked in I felt calm. now you are probably thinking that is just because of the week off. At first I thought the same too.

Well as I listen to my co-workers come in one by one. I normally feel like “Thank Goddess they are here” because I am so frazzled. Today I felt nothing. I mean it’s like being in a pool. You know when you in a pool your next to someone but there is always water in-between. (should have used a vat of gel, Thicker than water)

That’s how I feel. There is them with useless drama and damaging stress. Then there is me.

I feel my guardian spirit is actually with me today. I don’t feel as if I am alone at all. My third eye has been going crazy, my left ear keeps hurting and my right cheek feels tingle,cold.

I know I must keep everyone at arm’s length to keep in my physical and spiritual peace.

My message is that internal change affects external change. If your really calm when your normally wound up. There is a reason for it. Just follow it.

The Hormonal Young witch

Published July 18, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all.

I wanted to write about this topic since I have children that are little witches. The one I want to shead light on today is my oldest girl. She is eighteen and she goes through so many highs and lows it could make your head spin.

When she was in high school there was this boy who kept pestering her. She tried to be nice and tell him go away. But all the subtly hints went over his head. Well he started really pushing her, almost clinging to her. That she became so mad she wished something would happen to him to get him away from her.

She did not do a formal spell cast. No pure intent and her rampant hormones were all she needed. The boy did not show up at school for a whole week. When he returned he had broken his leg skate boarding. He never skate boarded in his life but he wanted to that day.

Was he nudged into trying it? YES.

Being a witch come with a whole lot of responsibility. She was having PMS and her levels were all over the place. She came home feeling awful and I had to give her a talk about controlling her emotions. Your emotional state+hormones+inexperience= very chaotic magic.

She aimed that intent towards the boy. Can you imagine if her class worked her nerves? People would have gotten ill all around the same time, except her.

The other edge of the sword is depression and doubt. When you’re a young witch this train of thinking is toxic to you and your magic. Intent is the basis of magic. That energy that is sent out is not good and nothing good will happen in return. If you start obsessing about how you’re not good enough for something because nothing ever goes right. Not good energy. With this energy you will manifest all of your fears, doubts, negative thoughts etc…

My advice for the young witch, try to find another out let for your emotions, or talk to someone who is an experience witch. An experience witch usually has something on them that is charged for protection.

I’m will to listen. Email me at

Let’s Create a Candle )0(

Published July 11, 2016 by Fia Naturie

467014_origBlessing to you all.

Today the moon is in first quarter and we should all get ready for the full moon. I give myself enough time to create the candle I need. From the color to the ingredients.

This is what you will need :

Wax, a wick, herbs, scent and coloring.

Now if you use fresh herbs it may color the wax for you.

This candle is to promote and assist

Knowledge/inspired, protection, divination, money/dreams, Healing and getting a new job.

Melt wax, once you get it nice and melted add the herbs (mint, bay leaf)

Lemon scented oil about 5 drops

For the first half of the candle you want it to be a yellow color. So once it burns down to it you should start feeling like you are more inspired to do things and the thoughts of how to do it may have been in your mind and needed it to be unlocked. With this it should guide you towards more income.

The second half you want it white. As you know this color aids in protection divination, healing and dreams.

The scent of mint and lemon mix well. because the mint is like an undertone note and the lemon is the powerhouse.

After cooled bless the candle in the name of the god/goddess. It is prepared for the full moon.

Sweet blessing to you all.


Do witches help mere mortals?

Published July 7, 2016 by Fia Naturie


I got this topic off another site and I answered it on that site. I gave a short answer though. Do witches help mere mortals. First are we not mortals. Secondly we do help. There are times we are helping and you don’t realise that we are doing anything.

As for doing spell work, we do it to help you. Of course there is a fee. Not every person who calls themselves a witch is a witch mind you. The term is thrown around so frequently that you really have to sift through the real from the fake. Just like looking for an MD.

Now the dilemma is this. We help you and you turn around and do something to sabotage the work. Then you say that person is a fraud. We are helping you. The strength of the spell does depend on the practitioner and the client.

The God/Goddess know when to intervene. They always have and they always will.

So do they help. Yes! Will it work depends.

Hope this helps. Please comment if you have a different view or same that you can add to this.

Ethical Spell Casting

Published June 20, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all.

I want to talk about casting spells on people without them knowing. I am not talking to those who are doing work on behalf of others.

I am talking about casting spells on family members with out their knowledge or consent.

I have been struggling with this for a long time. If any one personally knows me I do not want anyone to be in any kind of problems.

The problem I am grappling with is my own. Should I cast a spell to bring family members together and heal old wounds?

Example you go to a family reunion and part of the family does not show because of “bad blood” between them. When you find out what it is, you can not believe your ears. Why? Because the bad blood could be an argument that happened ten years ago over a misunderstanding. No one wants to cave in.

Sister against sister, brother against brother, Mother against Son/Daughter.

So should a person cast a spell to get the family back in harmony? I feel yes, if you waited long enough to see if the resolve the problem on their own. Yes if you see this division is beating them up inside.

So that is my take on it I would love to hear yours.

Sweet Blessings to you all.

Color Black Vs Color White

Published June 16, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all.

We all know the  power of color. Now black is a very strong color it is often used as a protective color. Some see you wear black and automatically think your depressed. If you wear a hint of black that is more than enough for protection. I will wear a black choker that I made or I will carry an onyx stone in my pocket. It does the trick because I have not had so many problems. It’s almost like warding off the evil eye.

White also a very strong color. Used for protection and at time cleansing. I visualize a bright white light surrounding me when I am doing an aura cleansing. It is also a comforting light. I think because it not only protects but once it clears your aura you do feel like your being hugged by the light.

Both are powerful enough for spell work but make sure of the nature. People usually associates black for dark magic. It does not necessarily have to be that way. You can use black for positive spells and white for negative spells.

My advice study your colors and the power they emits. It will definitely help in spell work.

Sage (another use for it)

Published May 27, 2016 by Fia Naturie

sageBlessings to you all

Happy and blessed friday. Today I feel so uplifted and I want to spread the positivity around.

It must be the sun that is giving me this feeling, or it could be that I have a three-day weekend. Not sure what it is and honestly I don’t want to know. It may ruin the feeling.

So today I would like to talk about Sage. Umm Sage, it just rolls off the tongue. (Haha, don’t mind me a little silly)

Sage is not only good for cleansing your enviroment. But it is great for digestive problems. You may be sitting there saying “What”. But it’s true. Heartburn, bloating and diarrhea. It’s better than pepto. (I hope they don’t sue me)

The thing is you have to use a small amount of it. It’s not necessary to get a table-spoon of it and put it in a tea. That’s too much. Fresh sage, a leaf is fine. Dried sage a pinch is good.

It show that it can lower your blood sugar so diabetics should not take sage.

I would do the combination of mint leaves and a sage leaf and steep it in tea.

Other uses are for  cold sores. They have a cream that has a mix of sage and rhubarb which works well on this. My advice is always test it first to see if you have a reaction.

There are other uses for sage and I may pop it up in another blogs. I hope this was helpful to someone.

Sweet Blessings to you all.

Candle Magic (peace,protection,etc

Published April 12, 2016 by Fia Naturie

product1063_media1603Sweet blessing to you all. I want to thank all of you for following me. Today is another topic on candle magic. I do create my own candles at times and this particular candle I will share with you.

This candle is for creating peace in the home/area. Protection from evil, evil eye. Sooths headache, helps with memory and may help with depression.( I suffer from slight depression and this really relaxes me.)


Wax , lemon oil, dried basil leaves, dried peppermint leaves, and dried rosemary leaves, glass jar( it can be any jar you have but it must be glass and very clean. I some times boil the jar and dry it.) A wick, a stick.

Melt wax in a small pot. Once melted you are going to add a teaspoon of all the leaves I told you. Mix in a clock wise motion. After keep in mind this is given to us by the gods so we are connecting with them and using their gifts to us. Turn it at least 8 times. Your kitchen is going to smell of the peppermint. Now add 3 tablespoon of lemon oil. Turn the mix in 3 times.

Take the wick and tie it in a knot. roll the other end of wick on the stick only enough that the other end hangs and the bottom of the jar. Slowly pour wax in the jar. I like to use a spoon and pour it in that way. Once it reaches the desired height let it cool.

Place candle on working area, end table, by your bed and let it permeate the room. You will feel a sort of clean feeling in the air.

Alternative to buying the wax and the wick. Get a seven candle or a long burning candle. Place in boiling water let it melt and then add the ingredients. Let cool and you have your candle

I love all your comments and feed backs. Have a sweet blessed day.