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How hoodoo has come into my life

Published October 19, 2017 by Enchantress Coco

Blessings to you all.

Since the last time I had written to you all. I have had so many events that has happened to my family, that I am amazed I have not broke down. That being said I have only faith that the God and Goddess has a plan for me.

First my guide has finally made herself known to me.

Second I have been guided to practice hoodoo. Which I did not realize that I have been doing my spells in the fashion of hoodoo anyway.

I had put into practice hoodoo when my oldest child ended up in the hospital for an illness that is unusual for some to get at his age, as per several doctors. I had to bless him from head to toe with holy water. Then I passed a white candle over his body from his crown to his feet. Asking for what ever illness to attached itself to the candle.

Later that night I asked the ancestors to remove the illness that I believe someone had cast on my son and to bring back the light. Then I burned the candle.

The next day my son was starting to get better. The doctors were surprised. I thanked the God and Goddess for their blessing but I also thanked my ancestors for intervening on my behalf.

Now this has not stopped the attack or weight I feel that is placed in my household. I consulted with my guide and I have to do a thorough house cleaning and blessing. Also a cleansing of my spirit and all that resides in my house.

My next post I will have what I have done to cleans and bless my home and family.

Sweet blessing to you all.


Paternal magic

Published August 2, 2017 by Enchantress Coco

Blessings to you all

So today’s topic is how strong is paternal vibration or awareness? Yes I said paternal.

I believe they are just as tuned in to their children as mother’s once that bond is established.

For example my hubby was talking to his friend about car crashes, for some reason he felt he needed to tell our 24 year old son to be careful on the road.

The next day a my hubby was feeling anxious and could not figure out why. So this 71 year old woman looking the opposite way turned right and crashed her car into his my son’s car. He’s alright but they had to cut her out of her car.

So you see paternal bond is magical in my eye’s.


How sacred is the wish of the Dead?)0(

Published May 9, 2017 by Enchantress Coco

Blessing to you all.

It’s been a while since I have conversed with you all. I am sorry about that. My father had passed away and we had the memorial service a couple of weeks ago.

My topic is the “How sacred is the wishes of the deceased?”

My father was born in the islands and he moved here in his thirties with my mother. As he had gotten older he would always say that he did not want to be put in the ground. So my sister and I agreed upon cremation.  But during this time my mother kept twisting things around to what she felt was best. (My mother and father have been divorced for years)

My father was not a religious man like the way my mother is now. He believed in god that I do know, but I had found things that stirs me to think that he believed in other things as well. Like in the magical sense. So it does not surprise me that my sister and I have followed a different path.

I believe full heartedly that we had followed his wishes and at the same time we did allow my mother to do her church thing later. I of course left and my sister did as well.

I believe that what a person wishes to be done with their body after death is sacred and should be followed even if it’s against another person faith.

Do you agree or disagree? flame-hand-recrop-640x353

Coco’s Procrastination End’s Now!

Published November 20, 2016 by Enchantress Coco

Blessing to you all this Sunday morning.

Procrastination in following the path that the Goddess/God has set before you causes so many other problems in your life.

I have been blessed to have created a business with natural hair products that I have not been paying a hundred and one percent too. Even though I am not pushing it like I am supposed too, it’s been selling.

Is it that I am afraid of success? No. Is t because I have not time? That’s part of it. The reason I have finally realized is that since I am a sensitive and I tend to take in other people emotions, it has hindered me immensely working where I do.

I wake up positive and hope my day stay’s that way but the minute I start getting in the area of the place where I work. It starts to deteriorates. You feel a wave of anger, foniness, disappointment, etc…

I go home and I feel so much better. Yes I need a new job but I don’t want a job I want a business that will sustain my whole family. Secondly my spiritually is growing and I am aware of more things than I have ever been before. I am actually on several occasions known things before it even happened.

By the new year I have to not compromise and let things be just because I don’t want a confrontation. I am being blessed and watched and I know I suffered certain things because I have not done what I am supposed to be doing in my life to deserve the blessing I receive.

There is a reason I felt enchantress is a name that suits me. The power in words is one gift that I have to start harnessing again. the closer the end of the year comes, I know it will be a year that is going to be eventful for all, especially those who are awakening.

I wish you all sweet blessings and I appreciated the following.

The New Moon Affects me )0(

Published July 1, 2016 by Enchantress Coco

Sweet Blessing to you all.

The fourth of July is almost upon us and the New Moon. Everyone talks about the full moon. How it affects everything with its pull. The most babies are born on the full moon. That’s a little info for you.

What about the new moon? How does it affect you?

I can only speak about myself. It’s a time for new beginnings. So I feel that it’s almost a cleansing for myself. I usually go through weird cycles during the full and new moon. The last full moon I felt so much energy. I felt like I could run a marathon and then clean my house. As the full moon starts to fade I feel it all the way to my soul.

This new moon is going to be some kind of awakening for me. As I type these words to you I feel as if something is touching my head and my left ear felt as if I went on an airplane. I must admit I have been slacking on my meditations. I could say it is due to the hectic schedule I have been having lately. But I won’t say that, because I could have found time. I did not make it a priority to meditate and commune with the Goddess and I have payed a price for that. As I walked my dog I heard a sing crow,caw. I knew something was going to happen but I did not know what it would be.

Last night I did not go to sleep due to an argument that should have never happened. I prayed for the goddess to give me peace. I knew she heard because my heart stayed steadying and I did not break down and cry. Instead I felt as if I was being shielded, like a mother would do for her children.

Once I had awaken from my sleep it came to me I have to stay steady on my path and to document my journey. As I said before I am not wiccan but there are things I agree with a follow. I am very eclectic and I will write down my experiences. I will not edit my language, because then you will not know me. The real me not the me I portray for work so people will not feel uncomfortable.(I work with wealthy people and very christian people)

I do not hide who I am but I do not say it in there face I am a witch. The funny thing is my husband tells everyone that I am a witch and they don’t care. My sister came out as a witch and immediately her coworkers wanted her to do spells for them. She of course turned it down.

My son tells all his friends that I am a witch and they love it. So does my eldest daughter and same reaction.

I did not mean this to go on so long, but I started to write and the words spilled out. Almost like a confession. I do journal and have a book of shadows. But I am being lead to do more.

I must go now I wish you sweet blessings.


Candle Magic (connecting with your God/Goddess)1

Published April 11, 2016 by Enchantress Coco


Welcome and join me in my rendition of connecting with the
God and Goddess. This is the way I do and you can take it and change it to your liking.


You will need white sage

White 7 day candle in the glass

Gold or black marker

Blessings oil if you do not have olive oil will do

Something you can put holes in the wax

Place white candle on your alter, middle of the room or dresser. Light white sage and cleanse your area and around the candle. Poke five holes in the wax of the candle. With the marker draw the symbol of the God or Goddess. Underneath the symbol write your concerns or your gratitude for their blessings. Once that is done Put at least 2 drops of oil in your hand. Place your hand in the center of the candle and turn it clock wise bringing your hand towards you. With your mind thinking of your God/Goddess.

Turn the around and do the same from the center down. Place candle back down. Put 5 drops of the oil inside the candle. After this is done place your power hand above the candle and say God/Goddess please hear and guide me in my life and in my endeavors. Please protect me from all the negativity that’s in this world. I ask this with an open heart. Blessed Be.

This one way I connect with the God/Goddess. I hope you try this and receive a response. The response can be on the glass of the candle or they may respond to you in your dreams.

Sweet Blessings