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Frisky Friday Committed pull. 02/21/20

Published February 21, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Blessing to my committed lovers. Frisky Friday has not forgotten you. Normally this card would have two dogs or two wolves howling at the moon but the tarot deck shows double the pleasure under the moon. Passions are high. Also the recommended the position is the torid triangle. Nothing sexier than to look into your overs eyes and see that look that only you can give them.

If this resonates with you. Let me know. Until next time. Sweet blessings to you all.

Frisky Friday reading 2/21/20

Published February 21, 2020 by Fia Naturie

Blessings it is frisky Friday. This reading screams no attachment. Just getting it on. If you want a relationship it will not be tonight. Also watch your money. You may be taken for a ride literally and figuratively. Lol. The suggested position is saucy spoon as you look to the sky you will ride to the heavens.

If this resonates with you please let me know. Blessings to you all.

Today’s reading 02/20/20

Published February 20, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Blessings to yo all. I have been vibing with my new Hoodoo tarot deck I received. that is what I am using for my reading today.

The message that came through is that this is a time for facing your fears and even though people are telling you that you are not mature enough to pursue your dreams do not let that hold you back. People mature at different rates and with maturity comes learning from one’s mistakes. Which brings me to finances. Figure out a way not to live from pay check to pay check. To save some kind of coin. Living that way brings on a lot of stress in your life. But there will come a point that things will get under control.

Remember before the calm there is a  storm. If this resonates with you please let me know. I would to hear from you.

Tarot reading. Let it Go!

Published February 14, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Blessing to you all and Happy Day.

today think about what you are planning to do. There is a motherly monarch in your life that has a way of giving advice that will cause your mouth to hang open but it is what you need to hear. Life is not a race and if you rush the blessing you will cause it slow down because what is coming your way is very powerful. Release any negative thoughts or emotions and speak your truth.

If this resonates with you please let me know and I will be do a Valentine’s Day Reading Later today. Hope to see you then.

Your monthly tarot reading

Published February 11, 2020 by Fia Naturie


7 of wands ®, 4 of swards, 10 of pentacles, 3 of wands, 6 of pentacles ®, King of swords ®, The Devil, The World. Back of the deck energy is the 9 of cups.

This monthly reading shows exhaustion and you need rest and self-care. You are going to have success in a project you have been working on. Now it may have something with you traveling.

Be aware that someone with a manipulative personality is trying to work on you. He/she is jealous of your success and will try to put shadow of doubt in you and those around you.

You are going to go through a turning point and realize that you do not need that in your life. Once this is out of the way you will get what you will get what you have been hoping for.

Back of the deck energy is nine of cups. You are going to feel contentment and satisfied. But that is after what you will go through.

Protect yourself by protecting your hair!

Published February 3, 2020 by Fia Naturie

Image result for pic of hairI do not own this picture.

Blessings to you all.

Let us talk about my hair. What ? You don’t want too. Well let us talk about your hair then. This stuff that grows from our bodies and taking with it some genetic information that we all seem to  have for gotten.

We as practitioners and students of the arts at times forget that we have to be vigilant about one’s own personal property that we are born with. One of them is Hair.

Our hair infused into a candle, clay, doll etc.. can be used to control/manipulate. I was thinking whether or not to post this but I came to the realization that this should be 101 in the arts.

Now let’s talk about protecting one’s self. When combing your hair we tend to just throw it in the garbage. Not always a wise decision unless you some how ruin it for use. example. You have stale milk, that acid from that milk can break down the hair. Toss it in there and throw it away. Or I have always been taught to flush it . But I understand that it clogs the system. You can also burn your own hair. Remember that girl on you tube who burned her hair off with a hair wand?

You see you don’t even have to light a match and you can say that you were curling your hair or straitening it. Because hair burning has a distinct smell.

I wanted to write about this because one of my children who has been buzzing around me asked me why do I get rid of hair the way I do. I thought this is a good topic to write on.

If this enlightened you a bit please let me know. If you were taught to get rid of your hair differently please let me know. Until next we meet. Blessing.

The daily chain that weighs you down.

Published January 28, 2020 by Fia Naturie

imagesQ2V9FVUSI do not own this picture


Let us talk about spiritual chains that are linked to us during the day. There are several types of chains that are linked to us during our life time. So I will address the one that starts it’s link as your working day beginning.

This chain starts off light at times and you may not notice the weight until the day continues. This chain is forged by intense scrutiny or criticism by “coworkers”, “friends”, and “clients” that you come in contact with. You can not prevent this chain but you can make the link weak by mentally preparing yourself in the morning.

I know most people can not meditate well but closing your eyes and saying to one’s self, apertis oculis meir et aures audietium quinon meneat in mihi tempore accedere non valerent. (eyes wide open and ears do hear for those who are against me do not come near). Say this three to four times as your envision what you feel is a protection barrier.

Not everyone see’s a bright light as a protection barrier. Some see four walls or are surrounded by a whirl pool. After the day is done go home and bath in a spiritual bath.(which I will give you a recipe or two in another blog)

We can not stop this chain from linking on to us but we can weaken it until we get it off later that day.

Blessing to you all and if you want to comment feel free all are welcome.

Collective Reading (Emotional)

Published January 27, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Blessing to you all this is your collective reading. It is telling me that this is for quiet a few with of you who is feeling unstable. You feel that you world if tittering and you do not know which way to go, left or right. When things appear it is not easy to handle. A matter of fact it’s too much.

Being this off balance will effect all aspects of your life. this is the time to learn how to STOP! and just release that pent up aggravation. Run Box even rip something until it all out of your system. Or cry, whatever it is once it’s out you will be able to see things more clearly. Through a storm there is always a calm. This was meant to be a short reading and this came out.

Tarot read for the week1/2-1/26

Published January 20, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Blessings to you all here is your reading for the week ahead. I see that you are going to have your hand full. Abundantly full with work and someone that is young. not a child. Young adult and if you are a young adult someone younger than you. I see that there will be an incident that causes you to loose your shit due to loosing money. Yes I said it.

You were just getting on your feet and know you either have to spend the money you acquired to fix there error or if they are following you at you job like an apprentice. they caused you to loose that bonus money. This was done on purpose like a test to see if you will break. If you can show that you can handle this issue professionally it would be good in the long run. So try to stay patient.

If this resonates with you please let me know. Until next time.

Tarot Energy Reading for 80-89′

Published January 18, 2020 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all. I am so sorry that it is taking so long for these reads to load up. If you have been following me. Thank you. The energy read is for the month. I will post the next one earlier and I will try to get it out earlier.

Enough with that. If this read resonates with you please comment and star. I appreciate it.