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Moonology and Mystic Tarot read for 02/04/20

Published February 4, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Todays read is saying quite a bit. Your spiritual heal is wanting to be attended to. The reason you have not been feel as things are going your way is due to this. Give your self time to be one with the universe.

If you do not give of yourself freely by meditation or prayer things will take longer to pan out for you.

If this reading is resonating with you please reach out and let me know. Until next time. Be blessed.

Spirit Signals and Why we need to listen to it.

Published February 4, 2020 by Fia Naturie

Blessings today’s topic is spirit signals. I am talking about signals you get that something is in the works. Some people get headaches or dizziness out of no where. Now you may think that it could be that you are coming down with something.

Let me ask you this, does it come on fast and leaves just as quickly? Never to return? That is not a cold, flu, —.

Your spirit is signaling  you that something has shifted. I will give you an example. I was not feeling well. My stomach was tied up in knots and I kept running to the bathroom. At first I said maybe a stomach bug. Then out of no where I said I do not want to go home. I felt real heavy.

In approximately five minutes I get a frantic call from a hysterical teenager telling me that she is scared for her friends’ life. (a boy) Because dad seen them walking together.

I said look at that sign. No the boy is not dead or is she receiving corporal punishment.

Now my question is have you been ignoring the signs that you have been receiving? We get tested all the time to see if we are listening to the powers.

If I do not mention this I would feel awful. The feeling of pressure, circling, itching in-between your eye’s. where the third eye is. Not everyone’s third eye fully awakens to it’s full potential but it will still send you signals.

Document when you feel it activating and you will recognize the next time when it does what it is trying to relay to you. You can do this with the other signs as well.

We as practitioners are always learning and evolving in a sense. Why do I say that? Because I feel that we de-evolve with magics just to move forward.

So homework would be to listen to one’s own spirit signal and document.

Move forward Tarot read 01/31

Published January 31, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Everything is showing that you need to go forward with your plans. The reason you have been holding back is due to lack of confidence. The excuse that the stars are not with you is not good enough. Focus on what it is you want and go get it.

This is especially for the Gemini, Libra and Aquarius people. You may have it in your house and you have this nagging feeling to go for it.

If this resonates with you please let me know.

A New Year of Us!

Published January 28, 2020 by Fia Naturie

untitledI do not own picture

Blessing to you all so let me tell you what I have been trying to accomplish this last year in regards to my spirituality and helping others.

I have always helped people in one form of the other and I wanted to pursue a certificate in spirituality couch. Now I have nothing against the religions out there that are prominant. But what about those who do not follow that train of thought? What about those who worship the goddess instead of god. Or those who believe that the creater is sexless and rules all.

Let me tell you I was raised in a catholic church since kinder garden up until ninth grade. At the age of ten I went up to the priest and asked Does god love gay people. The priest was a hefty, Irish decent man. His cheeks turned beet red. It took him all of twenty seconds to tell me the generic god loves all people and run me off.

I asked my third grade teacher the same thing. He was a Caucasian hetero male. First year of teaching. He told me that it is not favored in the religious faith, but we make up our own minds on this subject because we were given free will and thought’s as a gift.

that was the beginning of my journey on faith. I have visited several different church’s and what rang the most for me is the music. The words that was spoken to the congregation did not hit home. Oh maybe once and a while it did but not always.

So I was guided to my eclectic witchcraft life. I practice hoodoo and some forms of green witchcraft.

I have not found a site that I can be legitimately a spiritual couch and I am not going to a Christian practice to be one. So I will be writing on topics that I feel that we need to address.

Blessings to you all. I will have a topic up later today.


New Opportunities!Tarot Reading 01/28/20

Published January 28, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Tarot reading for the day call for the joining of new ventures. New opportunities that has been waiting for you to be ready for. For some it may go against your nature but if your centered you will be surprised what you will gain. If this resonates with you let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Be selfish. Tarot reading

Published January 27, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Blessings, this is your tarot card reading. This read is all about YOU. Last years regrets have followed over and it must stop. You have to listen to your inner spirit. It telling you that you need time to pamper yourself and make your self happy. There is nothing wrong with that.

Communing with others that have something in common with you is a form of taking care of you. Mental health is just as important as physical. You have given a lot of your self last year and they have become a custom to being takers. Well it is time to hold back and put yourself first.

If this resonates with you please let me know.

Tarot read for the week1/2-1/26

Published January 20, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Blessings to you all here is your reading for the week ahead. I see that you are going to have your hand full. Abundantly full with work and someone that is young. not a child. Young adult and if you are a young adult someone younger than you. I see that there will be an incident that causes you to loose your shit due to loosing money. Yes I said it.

You were just getting on your feet and know you either have to spend the money you acquired to fix there error or if they are following you at you job like an apprentice. they caused you to loose that bonus money. This was done on purpose like a test to see if you will break. If you can show that you can handle this issue professionally it would be good in the long run. So try to stay patient.

If this resonates with you please let me know. Until next time.