Cauldron Speaks about Looping

Published September 24, 2021 by Fia Naturie
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Welcome back to the Cauldron Speaks. Todays topic is looping. You may be asking yourself what in the world is she talking about?

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Looping is exactly what it sounds like. When you tend to repeat an event in your lifetime, not past life. This can be the repeat of a situation with different lovers that seems to cause conflict. Or finances, they call it self sabotage but I feel for most people they do not see that they are about to repeat a disastrous situation that put them in a bind in the first place.

Like I said previously I will relate the topic to what happens to me in my everyday life.

About 15 years ago I left a job that I was very good at due to the treatment I was receiving there. Actually, what I allowed to happen there. I was hired for a certain department and in the interview process they mention I would need to learn all departments just incase of coverage being needed.

I worked there for seven years I felt it was time for managerial advancement and I was given the run around. I trained majority of the staff and some hire ups on what was needed on their position. I was given the wrong date to take an exam to move up and I was constantly being sent around different departments for coverage.

Well one day I said this is it. I put my hand on the front door handle and before I step my foot in the door my name was announced on the Public Address System. That particular day I covered four different departments and I found out I missed another test to move up.

The next day I sent my resume out and quit my position within two weeks. Fast forward fifteen years. I have tried to move up in management and was told I need more experience with insurances.

Of course being the intuitive that I am and how people feel comfortable around me to tell me things. I found out that I did not need that to move ahead. that I could be taught that as I go. Does this not sound Familiar?

I tried three times to move up and now I am told I need a bachelor’s degree which I am currently working on. Again finding out that the other people who moved up have not completed there bachelor’s but was offered the position.

I have been floated multiple different places and I am on the verge of a physical break down. Can I say no? I have tried and been guilted and begged to help out. So I cave in and help.

Now should I quit? I am not a quitter, I did that once and I felt horrible. I have decided that I will apply out side of the practice to see if I am offered the higher position with out the bachelor’s degree.

This loop has to end and in that same token I have learned to not wait any longer and accept the made up excuses that is given .

If a business can use you in a certain way and your good at what you do, then they will.

Now I have seen other people stick to their guns and not help out more than necessary and they have been looked over for promotions. Well I know my worth and I see the loop has an opening. I am getting out of it.

Have you been in a loop that you just realize that you have the power to break? Tell me about it. I would love to hear about it.

Until next boil of Cauldon Speaks have a auspicious day.

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