Cauldron Speaks Id vs EGO

Published August 27, 2021 by Fia Naturie
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What is done in the light of day will vibrate down to the night and what is done in the dark will be revealed in the day.

Welcome to the cauldron speaks. This is going to be comprised of topics that happen to us, as a collective in every day life. If you did not already know I am a eclectic witch. I do not subscribe to any one patheon. I will talk on topics that I feel need to be discussed in our belief that we brush under the rug. It be in our family or friends and in society.

Today’s topic will be about the Ego in our path of life. I have been visited by a family member who has informed me he has had an awakening. That he does not see things the same way as he used to. He claimed that he has let go of all things that is considered toxic. He walks away from conflicts. He meditates and spiritually awaken.

As he visited I noticed that he was preaching that he let go of the Ego and he came to see that he feels free.

Friends we are all in different stages of awakening, so if he said this is so for him I will not go against it. But I have been on this path longer. I see things people tend to hide and hear things people tend to sugar coat. Or rather they do not realize what they are saying.

He has not let go of the Ego. In fact he is in a phase that only children should be in and that is the Id!

In psychology the id usually present itself in children, responds directly and immediately to basic urges, needs, and desires. So as I watch this grown man who might I add was lecturing me about signs and angel numbers. I see that as he is driving, a car behind him was honking. As the car passed he stuck up his middle finger at him. That is an impulse that a child would have.

Also the conversation that he would have was centered around himself and his journey. My better half informed him that if he seeing these signs then they were meant for him and not for all of us to know. Yet he brushed it aside and continued.

He needed for our approval about his life awakening. As we all know. There is no need for approval. We Need No Approval.

The Ego is after the id. The ego considers social realities and norms, etiquette and rules in deciding how to behave.

His Ego is still intact and yet his id has not fully gone away either. I do not claim to be a doctor of phycology. Yet in my years of working with people of all ages, I have learned allot. As I am sure a majority of you have.

Have you come across a newly awaken person, that has not yet learned that we as a collective do not need to know every single sign they see? Unless you are their mentor I do not see the need. Do you?

Would love to hear you experiences.

Until next time. I want to welcome you to the Cauldron.

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