Cauldron Speaks Losing a Familiar

Published August 27, 2021 by Fia Naturie
Witches Familiars: What is a Familiar Spirit? From Past to Present
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Welcome back to the Cauldron Speaks. todays topic is losing a familiar.

Lets talk about familiars in general. Some say a pet that is not a cat is not a familiar. I would believe this day and age that this perception had been null an void. But we still have those that believe that cats are the only familiars.

My familiar was a beautiful White German Shepard. She was such a beautiful soul. Very playful and melted your heart no mater what she did wrong. When I did my readings her ears would perk up feeling the energy around her. She would turn me to walk her on another path, when she sensed something was odd on the trajectory we were on.

Sadly, she passed on to the spirit realm just recently. Before her passing, I was visited in my sleep by a small white dog with glowing green eyes. It radiated peace and I knew she was going to be safe.

This physical lose is great. I can not see something that does not remind me of her. My youngest child. Her familiar was a rabbit. This rabbit loved her so much . It was amazing how she interacted with her. When she passed on this happened years ago. she told me she seen a rabbit in her dreams and it was playing in the grass.

Familiars will leave a part of them selves with you. That is comforting for me to know. I have had many pets but none were my familiars. None had the attachment as I had on her or her on me. Maybe in the future another will find me. Right now I do not know.

Familiars tend to draw their owners to them. It can be cat, dog, mouse, lizard, rabbit, bat, fish, etc… The list goes on.

Have you lost your familiar? Have you noticed that their presence is still around you? I would love to know of your experience and of your familiar.

Until we light the cauldron again. I wish you blessing on this life journey.

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