Spell work needs time!!!

Published February 13, 2020 by Fia Naturie


Blessing to you all . I want to speak about spell work and what it means to be patient. Why this topic? There are many that want the work to be fast acting. That is not possible all of the time.

You set your space up. you have the appropriate offering and the right candle. You clear your space of negative energies. You send out your petition and you light the candle.

Now days have gone by and you see nothing. You believe that it is not working. Your candle burned out and if it is a seven day candle you see cloudiness with breaks. Well you have to wait until things get cleared out to get this petition going. Or if it is a free standing candle and the image you see looks like a log or wall, but the rest is circling it with quit a few rings. Same thing you have to wait until the log is moved and it will advance in several days.

Now, is this what you want? Of course not. You want it now. But patience is a benefit. I cast a spell over a month or so ago and now is when I am seeing the break through. Time is  a benefit and no god or goddess that are out there likes to be rushed.

Above I posted a pic of several candles that had the same petition on them and as it went along the cloudiness cleared. I did seven candles but I took a pic of four and I apologize for that. But you see that one of them had multiple rings. I waited for a long while and honestly I occupied myself so I did not think about the work.

Patience is the key. If this resonates with you please let me know. If you have more to add. I welcome it. Until next time sweet blessings.

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