The daily chain that weighs you down.

Published January 28, 2020 by Fia Naturie

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Let us talk about spiritual chains that are linked to us during the day. There are several types of chains that are linked to us during our life time. So I will address the one that starts it’s link as your working day beginning.

This chain starts off light at times and you may not notice the weight until the day continues. This chain is forged by intense scrutiny or criticism by “coworkers”, “friends”, and “clients” that you come in contact with. You can not prevent this chain but you can make the link weak by mentally preparing yourself in the morning.

I know most people can not meditate well but closing your eyes and saying to one’s self, apertis oculis meir et aures audietium quinon meneat in mihi tempore accedere non valerent. (eyes wide open and ears do hear for those who are against me do not come near). Say this three to four times as your envision what you feel is a protection barrier.

Not everyone see’s a bright light as a protection barrier. Some see four walls or are surrounded by a whirl pool. After the day is done go home and bath in a spiritual bath.(which I will give you a recipe or two in another blog)

We can not stop this chain from linking on to us but we can weaken it until we get it off later that day.

Blessing to you all and if you want to comment feel free all are welcome.

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