Listen to your guides

Published April 8, 2019 by Fia Naturie


Spirit_GuideBlessings to you all I will post the energy reading for today in a little bit. I want to talk about spirit guides by using an example.

A new person was hired at work. I thought was nice. She works great you do not have to follow her to make sure things are getting done.

I had walked in on her preaching to others at work. Now I do not care what she wants to do but she talked about women having been born evil and the second one was telling them about the entrance to the devil is through the rectum.

My spirit guide if you will was letting me see what she is hiding.

I knew something was off because she acted weird around me. Always moving away from me. I knew she is up to no good.

Now here is where using magic enters the picture. Thete has been people who worked there for years and never received recognition for their work. She’s been there 4 months not only did she get praised for her work but put into the jobs newsletter.

She has done mirror work. (I call it.) She shows what she wants other to see. She speaks what she wants freely until I come around.

She sits in the north end of the office verbally conjuring using a craft. Not sure yet which one.

What seed she has planted is taking root.

The point of this is trusting your guides. Whenever someone is moving up or being recognized quickly there’s work being done. Now you will know if it is good or bad by your guides telling you.

Well speak on how they communicate in another post.

Sweet blessings to you all.

Stay tune for the reading.

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