Creating a Yule Tradition

Published November 30, 2016 by Fia Naturie


Yule is almost upon us and I finally feel like I have gone full circle. When I finally excepted who I was. I kind of shunned the thought of Christmas. I felt that the religious faith that I was following was not honoring the true meaning of Christmas.

As I grew into my beliefs and knowledge. I was not to far off. Yule starts December 21 and ends January 1. Which is the 12 days of Christmas.

How do I honor this holiday know. Starting this year and every year moving forward I will honor each day. Either by lighting a candle or by meditation to bring me closer to the goddess.

You can never make a Christian believe that the origins of their faith is paganism. That’s just not holier than they want. But the communing and praying together is one of the most powerful elements in honoring the goddess and god.

Starting December 21st I will be posting everyday for the twelve days. To show how I will be honoring the time of the year.

Sweet Blessing to you all.

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