New Deity, Old Deity, or No Deity

Published August 2, 2016 by Fia Naturie


My topic for this blog is new deity, old deity, or no deity. I listened to a woman say that worshiping an old deity makes no sence. Since those deity’s were good for that time, yet she continued to say that we should have a deity. A modern day deity. A being who knows the plight and struggles we are going through. Or maybe we should not worship any deity at all because then we are not pigeon held into worshipping a particular deity.

I believe that deity changes with society and the situation that we are facing today. You may change a name but it still a being that helps us along the way to our life’s path.

We as people of magik need a deity, I feel. You may not believe in what I say but it does help us focus and elevate us from what the present situation is.

I try my best to commune with my deity every day. I do get messages and I try to catch them all. Sometimes spirit speaks to me when I am in the state in between sleep and being awake. It is always a deep voice I hear.

So what I am saying is that we all should have a deity whether it is new or old.

Sweet blessings

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