What kind of witch am I? What kind are you?

Published July 26, 2016 by Fia Naturie


Who am I, as magical beings? I had to think long and hard about this. Being solitary there is no one that I can learn from. So being I am self-taught I feel that I am witch that is always learning and discovering new things, both with in and on the outside.

I just recently thrown out some old paper that I completely for gotten about. Not only did I feel a weight that I did not know I had come off me, but there were items that made me smile because of the memories it brought back to me.

A young person I was very uninhabited. The first person who ever broke up with me caused a change within me that was not good. That one event brought out such a wicked side of me that  when I think about it now , I feel ashamed, but every event had a meaning to it.

Speeding up to today. I am nowhere near what I used to be. I believe that since acknowledging that I am a witch and following my path has made me a better and calmer person. But I will not allow anyone to cause me pain for their own benefit.

So I more knowledgable, happier and at peace. I will always help other’s, it’s part of who I am. Who are you?

Sweet blessings to you all

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