Positive Energy )0(

Published July 7, 2016 by Fia Naturie


I want to send out positive energy and advice today. As a witch I at times glean things or  granted by the god/goddess information that other’s may never realize. At the same time there are times my mind seemed to reboot itself and I lose a lot of information.

From time to time I get asked advice and I automatically speak without knowing what the answer maybe. But when I do give advice either the recipient is not ready to hear the advice or just blocks me out completely.

Today I feel the need to give someone this message. You may be struggling to find your true friends. It’s even harder when you tell them you’re a witch, intuitive, medium, psychic, etc.

Since the new moon you may have noticed that these people have been shying away from you or they are trying even harder to convert you and see where you life had made an awful detour.

These people are not your life long friends. They were put in your life for a specific amount of moon cycles and now they are no longer needed. It may hurt to let them go and maybe some will resurface in the future. But now you are different. It is a blessing that you are. Your purpose is slowly being revealed and you just have to accept what comes.

I send you a warm light of yellow and purple. You will be inspired and enlightened in many positive ways.

Sweet blessings to you all.

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