Published July 5, 2016 by Fia Naturie


Good morning and welcome to my blog. Today I want touch on the intuitive’s. Mainly Clairsentience. I encompass several of the Clair’s but today I was over whelmed with the feeling of my surroundings.

As I was walking into my job I felt a weight come over me. My mind was clouded and things I said I was not going to worry about seemed to take over my mind. There was not many people in the place to make me think it was being generated from someone. I knew something was wrong especially when I told a coworker not to do a certain curtasy for someone.

It took about two hours for me to gather my equilibrium back. Since my job has moved into this new space nothing but bad things have happened. So many people have gotten fired. The amount of people getting sick on staff, including myself has gotten out of control. I am wondering if this any residual effects lingering here.

I am trying to do a search to see if there was something ominous about the place. Any how the heaviness is still here but I am moving much better through it. I think it’s because I took a break and went outside for some air.

My point is that feel that weight, it was almost like feeling walking through water. There is a resistance. At the same time there are rooms that I feel light. Something is defiantly here.

What do you do to get through a situation like this?

2 comments on “Clairsentience

  • Namaste Beloved Angel, well I would do some grounding every day before and after work, I would have a amethyst stone on my desk,and I would have a clear quartz crystal on my person,sage yourself every chance you get and take some sage to the office so before you start feeling sum kinda way take the sage out and smell it along with a spray bottle of lavender oil it will change the energies on that floor.
    Best Regards

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