New Moon/New Me)0(

Published July 4, 2016 by Fia Naturie

seahorse-396596_960_720Blessings to you all

Happy New moon. As I said in the previous blog I feel like something new is happening and I am shedding off the old.

I have started writing again. I have put off writing because of slight writer’s block and been concentrating on my crochet which I love and will never give up. I have to find a balance.

No matter what though I have carved time to worship and meditate. Of course I will be doing spells but I don’t see the necessity to cast a spell every day.

This new moon I am going to ask the god/goddess to keep guiding me on my path and to lead towards people who are true. Meaning that they know who they are and are comfortable enough to be a friend without any old hang up’s.

Many people especially women become introverted because of experiences they had in life with other people. The trust is hard to give because honestly you gave it to the wrong person before.

I am a person who can get along with anyone. But I don’t give my trust to anyone easily. Too many time have I been hurt and as I have discovered with this new moon, I refuse to be hurt again.

In a sense I am embodying my independence of being a person, being a woman with her own thoughts and needs, and being a witch.

After all we were not born into a peaceful and happy world. So we must create that, conjure that our selves.

Sweet blessing to you all.

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