The New Moon Affects me )0(

Published July 1, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Sweet Blessing to you all.

The fourth of July is almost upon us and the New Moon. Everyone talks about the full moon. How it affects everything with its pull. The most babies are born on the full moon. That’s a little info for you.

What about the new moon? How does it affect you?

I can only speak about myself. It’s a time for new beginnings. So I feel that it’s almost a cleansing for myself. I usually go through weird cycles during the full and new moon. The last full moon I felt so much energy. I felt like I could run a marathon and then clean my house. As the full moon starts to fade I feel it all the way to my soul.

This new moon is going to be some kind of awakening for me. As I type these words to you I feel as if something is touching my head and my left ear felt as if I went on an airplane. I must admit I have been slacking on my meditations. I could say it is due to the hectic schedule I have been having lately. But I won’t say that, because I could have found time. I did not make it a priority to meditate and commune with the Goddess and I have payed a price for that. As I walked my dog I heard a sing crow,caw. I knew something was going to happen but I did not know what it would be.

Last night I did not go to sleep due to an argument that should have never happened. I prayed for the goddess to give me peace. I knew she heard because my heart stayed steadying and I did not break down and cry. Instead I felt as if I was being shielded, like a mother would do for her children.

Once I had awaken from my sleep it came to me I have to stay steady on my path and to document my journey. As I said before I am not wiccan but there are things I agree with a follow. I am very eclectic and I will write down my experiences. I will not edit my language, because then you will not know me. The real me not the me I portray for work so people will not feel uncomfortable.(I work with wealthy people and very christian people)

I do not hide who I am but I do not say it in there face I am a witch. The funny thing is my husband tells everyone that I am a witch and they don’t care. My sister came out as a witch and immediately her coworkers wanted her to do spells for them. She of course turned it down.

My son tells all his friends that I am a witch and they love it. So does my eldest daughter and same reaction.

I did not mean this to go on so long, but I started to write and the words spilled out. Almost like a confession. I do journal and have a book of shadows. But I am being lead to do more.

I must go now I wish you sweet blessings.


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