Published June 29, 2016 by Fia Naturie


Typically in the movies the witches familiar is a cat. Why not a cat they are regal, inquisitive and most of all end up in the damnedest places.

Now my familiar is a dog. I am allergic to cats. But needless to say I see cats every day cross my path and stare at me. As if to say I know who you are. It is to the point my children are pointing them out to me.

My dog is a white german Sheppard. She looks like a wolf. She acts like a teenager with elevated hormones. lolShe is still young but I see the protectiveness she has towards the family.

Now she is not thrilled with small dogs. She gives this look like why are they barking at me. Do they need zanax or something?

Now I also have two dwarf rabbits who I deemed my excersize team because these two are fast to catch, and a red-eared slider who we call Houdini because he did a great escape when he was younger but we found him. But you can see in his eyes he’s plotting for another venture.

Do any of you have familiar’s and do you have a funny story about them I would love to hear it.

Sweet Blessing to you all.

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