Psychic please read right

Published June 28, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all.

I have been extremely busy with graduations and proms. Now that it is over I can breathe.

So today topic does rub me the wrong way. Psychic’s that prey on your need to find solutions to a problem. When I think back on things, I knew something was wrong when they asked the amount of money they did. I do  not doubt things are expensive but I felt it in my gut this was wrong.

I have gone to several psychic’s in my life, until I have been reading my own cards.

Each one of them tapped into my being upset with the relationship I was in at the time. So I was willing to do anything to fix it.

The first  psychic an old  coworker took me to. The woman was from the islands. So she said I had a  darkness around me that is causing the trouble. So I had to pour this liquid over myself to get rid of this darkness. I had to pay her two hundred. Nothing changed. A matter of fact it gotten worse.

The second one I went on my own. She also read the trouble I was having in my relationship and it’s due to a darkness that’s been hanging around me. She offered to burn a candle and break the darkness around me. I gave her one hundred and fifty.

The third one was a dusey. She read my hand and said basically the same thing. Dark cloud. She gave me two stones and an oil. Also she will break the spell on her end by going to the grave yard and doing some things. I gave her $1000.

I never doubt psychic’s because there are many, many good one’s out there. But the dark cloud over me was not mine. It was coming from the other person and it became so big it was consuming the both of us.

Eventually I broke the cloud.It did hurt me mentally and physically, that is another blog. Ever since then our relationship is incredible.

So what I am saying is before you offer to break a spell on the person, be sure the spell that they are carrying is theirs and not the residual from someone else that latched on  to them.

One comment on “Psychic please read right

  • Oh my word! The charges you have quoted are ridiculous! The most I ever paid for a reading was £10. I read for free and only charge at charity events. I then give the money to charity. I believe that people need to earn a living but clearly extorting someone is wrong! You’d think the powers that be would stripe them of their abilities.


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