Getting validation of my life calling

Published June 17, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all.

It’s friday and the weekend does not start with me until 3:30pm. lol

I wanted to talk about my validation of being a magical woman. The other day I needed to do a spell for increase in income. Automatically I got all the supplies I needed and put it together. I have never done a spell without looking things up first but I felt like I was being lead.

I did this two days ago. Today I just wanted to see if what I put together was the right thing. Well lo and behold everything I put together is to draw in money and to protect what I get.

I should not be surprised but I still get caught off guard when I do things as if I already knew what to do.

Being of latin and Jamaican decent, I feel that my ancestors were obea(witch/shaman) and bruja (witch).

Things come to me very easily. Do you have any experiences you want to share. I’d love to hear them


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