Wishing Pain/Casting a pain spell

Published June 16, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all.

I was sitting here thinking about pain. Yeah I was. We as magical beings have the power to manifest.

But what about those times that you wish someone feels as much pain or even more than what you are going through and it comes to pass?

In wicca they believe in the three-fold law. I believe that law to an extent. Why do I believe it to an extent because I beleave what ever is coming to you will come to you in this lifetime and not pass on to generations.

If you cast a generational pain spell then I believe that not only will the person it was cast on generations will suffer, but your generation will suffering in some way as well.

There is always a payment to be made in all things. Even if you do good, you will have to make a payment of some sort. If you do not willing give, it will be taken regardless. Wheather it is a skin, mind,or nerves condition. It could be lack of finance, happiness or home.

Please look into who you worship and what is a suitable payment for what you are doing. I do not wish pain or cast pain spells. They are the hardest things to be lifted if it could be at all.

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