Vibrations (What Sensitives feel like)

Published June 16, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessings to you all.

I have not been able to post like I wanted due to being in the hospital. But I will due my best to write about the topics I posted on monday.

Vibrations is the word of the day. Remember when people used to say they are picking up some bad vibes or your vibration is way off the charts to-day? I will give you a recent personal example then I will give you the type of vibrations I have encountered.

Well that still holds true today. But for people who are sensitives it’s doubly true. For example. I went to the hospital for severe head pain. The only one who showed real concern was a coworker who came in an hour or so after that. I felt the indifference to my pain by my so-called “friends” at work.

I  returned to work and I was asked how I was feeling by one of them that I considered a friend and I can feel like she really did not give a sh–. She was just going through the motions of asking me how I feel.

I used to brush off the feelings I get from people as reading it wrong. But since I have been excepting the feeling and no longer brushing them aside. It turns out that I am right. The last time I felt something like this is when someone lied and side I comment on a woman’s illness.

Anyone who is anyone would know I will never say anything negative about a person’s illness. So I confronted the person and of course it was denied but since then I go with the vibration I pick up.

So let’s talk about the different vibrations we pick up on but dismiss as reading it wrong.

First there is the walk into the room and even though everyone is still acting the same, you feel a weird sence of dark vibration. It almost feels like your being hampered down.

The second one I call it the confusion/illusion vibration. This is when you are around some one who gives off a dull vibration then it turns very bright for a second then out of the blue it kind of flickers. This is usually surrounds a person who has too many thoughts running through their heads and they are so over whelmed it seeps out. Which can cause a sensitive to feel as if they are the one’s loosing their minds.

The third vibration is the bright vibration. I love this vibration. It is up lifting and actually energizing. Not everyone put’s off this vibration but there are some that put this off all the time which can be a bit over loading.

Forth vibration is a reverse or suction vibration. This is when you project a positive vibration and the person who is in need of comfort actually sucks it in like a sponge. Leaving you depleted and depending how much was taken you could feel ill.

The fifth vibration is the outcome of the day vibration. This is the one when you wake up in the morning and feel it’s going to be a good day today or this is not going to be a good day.

I also get vibration when I am interpreting dreams. This usually tells me when I actually hit the meaning on the nose. It feels light little fire works bouncing off my body.

I hope this information is helpful. blessed be.



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