Let’s Talk Goddess’s

Published June 6, 2016 by Fia Naturie

This is my first is a little series of God/Goddess.

The first Goddess I want to talk about is Brigid. This is the goddess that has called to me. She has transcend all times by being adaptable. I can go to a botanica or a witchy supply store and they know exactly who I am talking about.

She is considered a goddess of light and inspiration and all skill having to do with fire. Love it. Maybe that’s why I love the summer. I seem to come alive.

Let’s talk about what would be a suitable offering. I have come up with several idea, that some one may want to incorporate. These idea are for people who are on a budget. Let’s face it the economy is still tight and some of us who are in hiding, not ready to have people know who they are. So I am offering a hide in plain sight deal.

Milk and honey baths not only refreshing it makes your skin soft. If you have a body wash, you can get a small bottle they see in the $.99 store or any other bargan store. Pour some in the bottle and carry it with you. You can cleanse and show repect to the goddess.

There are flowers that can be used around the house,room, or anywhere. Yellow daisy’s because yellow is one of her colors. You can buy silk or plastic daisy’s.

When you clean your area with sage, that is also her plant. If you steep the sage in hot,hot water. The stream will also cleanse the area.

Owls are one of the animals associated with her. You can get a small owl statue or charm. Better yet you can print off the computer a picture of the owl and to infuse energy into it. Color it and think of her and all the things that you are thankful for. Believe it or not what ever you put energy in has power.

Spray some lavender around. You can use fabreeze lavender sent. Or burn a lavender candle.

You can decorate your altar or designated space for it . I hope this helps.

Sweet blessings to you all.

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