What’s in a Name

Published May 31, 2016 by Fia Naturie

logo-wordle2Blessing to you all.

I wanted to talk about your name. Your name is the most powerful thing you have. The very essence of who you are is in your name. People do not know the power that is held in it and how it can be used against you.

It can be used to put a hex on you or a beneficial spell. Have you ever felt a chill when someone called your name. It’s the universe warning you to keep on alert. Keep your eyes open.

Do you think it is coincidence that your name was chosen for you? You can change your name legally but your given name is and always will be your name. And Goddess/God forbid that some one finds out your given name.

I am not condemning anyone for changing their name. I just want you to be mindful of who you give your name too. If you have bad vibes take precautions about it. It can not be helped to give out you name but you can protect your self.

Evil comes in many forms.

I wish you all sweet blessings.

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