Dream Interpretation #4

Published April 18, 2016 by Fia Naturie

“Last night, I dreamt that i was 4 months pregnant by my ex boyfriend’s baby and everybody hates me. during my pregnancy my mom and dad died, my sister died and the father of the baby died too, i cried a lot in my dream i cant raise my child all by myself so i moved to Australia and married an Astronaut. Then I woke up.”

Fist dreaming of bringing in life into the world could mean that you feel that you may still have a chance with your ex boyfriend. The deaths represents the non exsistant approval of your family of this union if you two get back together and have this baby. Crying is a good release of stress and a release of the past. Moving to Australia signifies a longing for change in environment and life, that brings in the astronaut aspect as well. New life.

The number 4 in the dream signifies an urge to go against the norm. Writing the “I “in lower case shows that you don’t want to bring attention to your self, that can also explain the move to Australia.

If you would like a dream interpreted, I would be happy to do so. Just contact me email at toffeecream18@gmail. com or send a message on this site  I will respond.

Sweet Blessings.


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