Twin Flames Grocery Shopping

Published April 17, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to you all. If you read my last post on twin flame me and hubby then you will know that it’s not easy being together.

For example grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping. I go grab what we need and leave. Well hubby takes out his calculator and start adding up prices. It is good don’t get me wrong he wants to save money. But I want out. O U T!

This is where I guess my male testosterone kicks in. I get impatient and that’s when the argument starts.

“Listen I don’t need to be here if you have that attitude,” Hubby

“I don’t have an attitude. This seems to be taking to long. Just saying.” Me

“If we do it your way, you won’t pick up the right shit,” Hubby

“I do pick up the right stuff” Me sounding insulted

“Yeah like when you bought a whole chicken and it turned out to be a fowl. The crap was tough as hell when you tried to cook it. That’s your kind of shopping.” Hubby

Well he had me there. I just hate food shopping. After another twenty minutes picking up things we go to the register to ring the things. That is a production. I put the stuff on the table to be scanned and he bags and puts it in our shopping cart.

At the end the total was exactly what he estimated and all is well until our shopping carts wheels decided to come off. So there we were half way home and a cart full of food and one pissed off hubby, I on the other hand was calm. Why because we are not shopping any more.

The moral is I don’t have a clue but I will say that emotionally we balance each other out. One minute I’m pissed and he’s calm. Then the next he’s pissed and I’m calm.

Good night and sweet blessings to you all.

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