Dream Interpretation (Dog Gone It)

Published April 15, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Blessing to all of you.

Todays dream was asked by a female about dogs.

She dreamt that she went over to her mother’s house and she asked her to watch these two dogs. Chiwawas. When she turned around these dogs ran off and she had a hard time catching them.

She caught up with them in her mother’s kitchen sitting near the door staring at her.


Dog is man’s best friend. Not always woman. (that’s a joke there). The mother put her in charge of these two energetic animals and she couldn’t catch them. It seems to me that being in charge is too for her at the moment. The animals were the symbol of her annoyance of not being in control. The fact the dogs were small seems to me that she may be blowing a small thing out of portion.

Now her name is a 2 in numerology. So it seems that she can be a bit oversensitive and a little irrational. At times can be moody and impatient with themselves.

She said that she is feeling  out of control at work and it has been making her upset.

If you want an interpretation just send me a message. Sweet Blessing to you all.

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