Enchantress (Rants)

Published April 14, 2016 by Fia Naturie

This is just a quick up date. I was going through what I call my witchy melt down yesterday. lol. I ran across this site that was called are you an enchantress? If  you possess these qualities you just might be one.

I have been studying the craft now for over three years. It might be more since I had to do it off and on over the years. But I nailed it down and called my self an enchantress. I do not fully follow the wiccan Reed, I don’t follow the Dianic principles and since I have been practicing alone I could be considered solitary.

I came up with my own principles and I believe it whole heartedly. The site seemed to cater to increasing your finance than anything else. It does claim to have some magical practice in it. I do not know because I would have to pay a price to join.(truly sucks)

I am a peaceful and loving person. But I will not deny or repress the other side so I can join the group. (sounds like a Flower power group. I hope I did not offend)

Eventually I will post my principles but I will not rush it because I truly am being lead on a journey. Faith is a very strong aspect of our lives and once you lose faith it is the hardest thing to get back.

I just had to put this out there.

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