Twin flames married (Me And Hubby)

Published April 13, 2016 by Fia Naturie

Hello to you all. I wanted to talk about finding your twin flame then marring them. First I have to tell you that I knew I was going to marry my husband since I was twelve years old. The minute I seen him walking by outside my window I told my mother I was going to marry him. Of course she laughed it off.

Years went by and he married someone else and I was engaged to someone. We crossed paths a couple of times and wanted to speak but the people we were with would not have appreciated it.

I moved away and he separated from his wife and he thought he seen me out side, ran down and it was not me.

My engagement was called off and I moved back home. No more than three months we ran into each other and we never separated. We have been married for over twenty years.

Enough of back ground. We are definitely twin flames. Not only that I was born in the winter and he was during the summer and our personalities do coenside with the temperatures. (haha, sorry hubby)

Being married to my twin flame was not easy in the beginning. But we could not stay away from each other.

I had to pull back on my funny side because he was funny as well. He cooks better than me and he has more of a strong paternal side towards the kids. Maternal I mean.

I definitely believe we were together in many lives and we both exchange genders often. I do have a very dominant personality. But in public he shows more dominance.

I guess being married to anyone is rough in the beginning. But twin flame instinctual know how to get under the other skin. But the passion and connection will never diminish, it actually increases.

Emotions are ten times more and if you’re a empathy you feel their pain. It’s the best and the hardest thing that is on this earth. Being married to your twin flame.

2 comments on “Twin flames married (Me And Hubby)

  • This was like reading an article about me and my hubs- of course you have some years on us, but I very much look forward to this crazy life we have lined up for us. I loved reading this, thank you!


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