Candle Magic (peace,protection,etc

Published April 12, 2016 by Fia Naturie

product1063_media1603Sweet blessing to you all. I want to thank all of you for following me. Today is another topic on candle magic. I do create my own candles at times and this particular candle I will share with you.

This candle is for creating peace in the home/area. Protection from evil, evil eye. Sooths headache, helps with memory and may help with depression.( I suffer from slight depression and this really relaxes me.)


Wax , lemon oil, dried basil leaves, dried peppermint leaves, and dried rosemary leaves, glass jar( it can be any jar you have but it must be glass and very clean. I some times boil the jar and dry it.) A wick, a stick.

Melt wax in a small pot. Once melted you are going to add a teaspoon of all the leaves I told you. Mix in a clock wise motion. After keep in mind this is given to us by the gods so we are connecting with them and using their gifts to us. Turn it at least 8 times. Your kitchen is going to smell of the peppermint. Now add 3 tablespoon of lemon oil. Turn the mix in 3 times.

Take the wick and tie it in a knot. roll the other end of wick on the stick only enough that the other end hangs and the bottom of the jar. Slowly pour wax in the jar. I like to use a spoon and pour it in that way. Once it reaches the desired height let it cool.

Place candle on working area, end table, by your bed and let it permeate the room. You will feel a sort of clean feeling in the air.

Alternative to buying the wax and the wick. Get a seven candle or a long burning candle. Place in boiling water let it melt and then add the ingredients. Let cool and you have your candle

I love all your comments and feed backs. Have a sweet blessed day.



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