Sex Magic

Published April 7, 2016 by Fia Naturie

thX6Z0G77ISome of my fellow practitioner’s seem to avoid this topic. Well I agree to a degree. If it is to harm someone. This magic will come back at you. Whether it is meant for good or bad, because the essence of it is you. This spell can be given for another to do that is not of the craft, but if they do not know how to protect and ground themselves the spell will do them harm.

Let me start by saying that I have used sex magic before. I only used it once with another spell to seal the deal.

I wanted a relationship to last that was not my own. Both parties had bad relationships and it seemed they found each other in a time of need. But as I seen the relationship grow I do not think they seen what I saw. The two flames joined as one.

The attraction was undeniable, but their past was interfering with their future. So I cast a “Love Spell”. Do not do this unless asked by the people.

Well I am happy to say that it’s been two years and the relationship is stronger than ever.

First part of spell:

Dried Rose Petals = Red, Pink, and White

Hold them in your power hand, facing towards the north

Keep the image of the couple in your mind.

The chant I said was Love unconditional, love that is bound, keep this love of these(say the names) safe and sound.

Raise your hand and the petals will fly off. Do not worry if you see them fall on a bush or ground. Once it was lifted it was heard.

Second part:

That night say a prayer to the corresponding god/goddess to blessed and seal their union.

Have candles burning 5 white and one red in your bed room. You must ground yourself and cast a protective circle around the bed.

Now here it is. You will have sex with your partner. Keeping in mind of the god/goddess asking for their blessing of the union.

Once you reach orgasm you will notices all the candles flickering uncontrollably. You may even get a faint smell of roses. Your request has been heard.

Like I said I did this once and after for days I felt the effect of the spell.

That’s my excerpt for today. I wish you all sweet blessings.

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